Complaint Letter about Teacher Beating


I am Alexander Mark, the father of Jones who is a student of grade 6th in your school. First, I really appreciate your hard work and efforts in running ABC School in an exuberant and brilliant way. To hold administration tasks is really a tough and time-consuming job. I am writing this letter to discuss a serious matter that needs your attentiveness.

I want to complain against Mr. Darcy who is behaving cruelly by imposing corporal punishment on his students of 6th grade. This matter needs your attention, and you are requested to deal with this issue as soon as possible.

Although Mr. Darcy is a competent and hardworking teacher, and I am quite satisfied with his way of teaching but to beat one cruelly is an unethical and unacceptable attitude. I did not have any idea of this entire incident but yesterday my son narrated the whole story.

He was so much disturbed and upset about this that Mr. Darcy has slapped him in the face in front of the whole class and the reason behind this was that he did not answer his question properly. He also added that Mr. Darcy is exhibiting the same offensive attitude with his students and you must take immediate notice on all the matter.

Your school has a good reputation in the town, and I have gone through all your policies while getting admit my son to this school. It was mentioned in clear words that you are against the physical punishment of students and that any teacher who practices this will be terminated immediately. I am not in favor of terminating Mr. Darcy, but I request you to warn him because such a kind of attitude cannot be accepted.

We have great trust in you and hand over our children to you and in return cannot bear this kind of attitude. I am hopeful that you will do something in this regard and will take prompt action.

Moreover, I want to discuss this matter with you in person because I am uneasy after all this. I need to hear some consoling words from you that you will do something in this regard. Please let me know when you will be available so may we have talked about this. Thank you.


Alexander Mark

Complaint Letter about Teacher Beating


Dear Mr. Adam,

Hello Mr. Adam. Hope you will be doing well. I am the father of Elizabeth who is studying in grade four in your school. I let her get admission to this school by considering it one of the best schools in the town, but I did not know the fact that teachers here beat their students cruelly and ruthlessly.

It was stated clearly in your school policy that you are against children’s punishment and take severe action against teachers who do this. I am writing this letter to talk about an important matter with you and you need to take prompt action in this regard. I want to complain against Miss Sexton who is the class teacher of my daughter and she has beaten my daughter very cruelly on the back and face.

Yesterday, when Elizabeth came home crying, I asked her the reason and she told me that Miss Sexton has beaten her badly and the marks of her hands were imprinted on my daughter’s face. I really got upset after seeing all this and thought to report you immediately. She was beaten for not taking her home task diary with her and on this, she beat her badly.

She also told me that Miss Sexton has adopted the same attitude for a long time, and I was really amazed that you are unaware of all this. As a school principal you need to take immediate action on this matter and demand an explanation from her. I am not asking for her termination, but you should investigate the matter as today she has beaten my daughter, tomorrow she can beat someone else’s child. So, you are requested to ponder over this matter.

I am hopeful that you will do something to overlook the matter and I want to meet you personally to discuss all this matter in detail. So, kindly let me know when you will have time. I shall be very grateful to you.


Tony Crystal

Complaint Letter about Teacher Beating

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