Apology Letter to Family for Bad Behavior


The aim of my writing this letter is to seek an apology from you regarding my unethical behavior. I am extremely sorry for creating a fuss on Saturday. Our conversational topic got diverted and I got uncomfortable. Despite talking in a polite and calming way I behaved rudely and unethically and made you annoyed with my tone.

You needed me the most at this time to show my sympathy regarding the challenges you are facing of financial crisis and illness. I admit my mistake of behaving annoyingly in return. It was also my mistake that I criticized you and made you the victim of problems that you have been going through over the last six months.

I know that these sufferings are God’s way of testing you and there are none of your faults in it. I also admit that you needed me at that time for moral support and encouragement. I assure you that I will provide my full support and care to you and will be available there for you in each difficult hour. You are my elder sister and I want both of us to be in full support of each other because you are not only a sister but also a best friend.

I hope that you will forgive me and will consider my apology. It would be better if I pick you up from your office in break time to have a discussion on it and make things clear between us. Please let me know when I should come and thanks a lot for understanding and listening to me.

See you at the lunch and take great care of yourself.


Jane Adam

Apology Letter to Family for Bad Behavior


Dear brother,

I hope that this letter finds you well and in good health. I am ashamed of my wrongdoing and writing this letter for the same purpose to say sorry for what I have done. I am writing this with sincere apologies and a saddening heart regarding my unethical attitude that I exhibited in our family gathering last week. I admit that I had entrenched the limits and incapacitated your feelings and for all this, I am extremely sorry. My actions were ill-suited, and I cut out to demonstrate professionalism and maturity. It resulted in your distraction from the very important task of that day.

I am so much sheepish with this attitude that was unacceptable and inappropriate. I assure you that next nothing of this kind will occur in the future. I make certain that this action will not be repeated at all. I have learned a great lesson from this and if next time (God forbidden) such a situation occurs I will handle it in an appropriate and mature way.

I am heartedly sorry for my unethical attitude and I hope that you will forgive me. I guarantee you that I will provide my full assistance and affection to you and will remain available for you in every darkest hour. As brothers, I want that both of us should be in full favor of each other because you are not only my brother but also a guider and best friend.

It would be better if I pick you up from your office in a free time and we can have lunch in some nearby restaurant to have a profound discussion on it. I want to make things clear with you now.

Please let me know when you will be free so may I come then. I would be very thankful to you if you forgive me. This would be a great favor on your behalf.


Joseph Sidney

Apology Letter to Family for Bad Behavior

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