Complaint Letter for Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations

A complaint letter for intentional interference with contractual relations is a letter that can be written in different scenarios, which means the addresser and the addressee vary as per the circumstances. Few examples are:

  • The employer is addressing and complaining to the employee for interference.
  • The employee is addressing and complaining to the employer for not following the contractual terms.
  • The employer is addressing and complaining to the customer or client organization for non-adherence to the mutually agreed-on clauses.
  • The customer is addressing and complaining to the organization for non-compliance to the legally binding contract.

Other than these, there can be various scenarios, where one party has superseded the contractual terms, and the other party is launching a complaint against it. When two parties sign a contract, they have a legally binding agreement, which none can go against. Otherwise, in the case of any sort of interference, the contractual relations get impacted, and the affected party may even take legal action and launch a complaint with the court. Nevertheless, if the issue of interference is not critical, the party first launches a complaint with the other party, before taking any strict action.

The complaint is launched through a formal written complaint letter for intentional interference with contractual terms. The information included in the letter depends on the severity of interference and the tolerance of the affected party. The general details to be added in the letter are:

  • [DD/MM/YYYY]
  • The issue of interference with contractual relations.
  • Supporting clauses from the contract.
  • Any attached documents.
  • The intolerance toward the interference or going against the contractual terms.
  • Seek action or give a warning.
  • Consequences in case of any future interference.
  • Seek and hope for cooperation.
  • Salutations and signature.

This complaint letter is kept in the record and can be used for any reference if required. The employers, employees, or the client organizations, therefore, try to abide by the contract, so that the contractual relations do not get affected. In case a party receives such a letter, immediate corrective action usually gets taken by it.

Sample Letter


Dear Mr. Steven,

I am writing this letter to launch a complaint against Mr. John Wilson, Operations Manager of your company ABC Limited, for an intentional interference in the contractual terms, which has affected our trust and contractual relations with you.

When we signed the contract for the XYZ project, a clause was clearly mentioned and mutually agreed on between our company and your company, that ABC Limited cannot seek any information or document without the formal permission of Ms. Sarah Robson, Operations Manager of our company VVV Limited. However, Mr. Wilson superseded this clause and contacted our Finance Manager for certain documents. When our Finance Manager sought Ms. Robson’s signature to provide those documents, the interference on your part came to our notice. We are attaching a copy of our contract with this letter.

We cannot tolerate this behavior and any interference with the mutually agreed on and legally binding contract. We want you to take immediate action against Mr. Wilson and keep us in the loop as well. We will be forced to cancel our contract with you if any sort of interference in the contractual terms occurs again.

We are hoping for your cooperation and action.

Looking forward to the successful completion of XYZ project with ABC Limited. Thank you.


Emma Jack.

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