Internship Completion Letter

An internship completion letter is a letter that is issued at the end of an internship period by the employer or manager of the candidate, who has worked for a certain time for the organization as an internee. This document is also referred to as an internship completion certificate, as it certifies the internee’s work and the acquired and inherent skills. Usually, it is not addressed to a specific addressee and is written by the employer or the internee’s manager in the organization.

An internship is a work arrangement for a student or candidate, who is hired for a certain pre-decided time period. It can be paid or unpaid can be extended or can lead to a job. However, if it does not turn into a job, upon its completion, the internee gets an internship completion letter/certificate. This letter is beneficial for the candidate in various ways, such as:

  • If the candidate is a student, and an internship is his institution’s requirement, this letter provides a guarantee to the institution that the student has completed his internship with a specific organization.
  • It helps the candidate is seeking a job, as it certifies the gained experience and skills.
  • It can also serve the purpose of an experience letter.
  • It can be used as a reference letter that highlights the positives of an individual, especially in professional terms.

Usually, it is a one-page document, the information included, however, can vary, depending on the candidate’s responsibilities during the internship, acquired skills and experience, organization’s satisfaction level, etc. The general template includes the following details:

  • Date.
  • Addressee details if there is a specific one. Else, it is addressed generally as ‘TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN’.
  • Details of the addresser.
  • Certification of the completed internship.
  • Time-period completed.
  • Job responsibilities during the internship.
  • Details of the projects the internee has worked on.
  • Acquired skills.
  • Inherent skills of the individual.
  • The benefits that the organization gained from the internee.
  • Potential and capabilities of the candidate.
  • Job offers, if any.
  • Good luck wishes to the candidate.
  • Salutations and signature.

The candidate can submit a copy of this letter to his institution and keep this certificate in his record. He can mention the completed internship on his resume to present his knowledge and experience of the work environment and increase his worthiness.

Sample Letter



To whom it may concern,

It is to certify that Mr. John Steven has completed a two-month internship with ABC Limited, from 1st January till 2nd March 20XX.

He worked under the direct supervision of the Operations Manager and got the opportunity to work on various projects. Along with his other duties, he was responsible for managing the timelines of the projects he was working on. His manager is pleased with his timely highlighting and managing of any delays, which could have affected the project completions.

He is a fast learner, and he learned our operations system and organizational culture quickly. With his eagerness to learn, he developed various skills while working with us. His team working skills and friendly nature made him a part of our organization even during the first week. He outdid the expected performance, and we are happy to have the opportunity for training such an enthusiastic candidate. We hope to hire him once he completes his education so that we can utilize his potential to the fullest for the benefit of our organization.

We wish him the best of luck for all his future endeavors.


Sarah Wilson.

Internship Completion Letter Template

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