Letter on Maintenance Issues in School


Re. Maintenance Issues in School’s Play Area and Library 

Dear Sir, I am Diana Hart from the Department of General Administration of the school. I am writing to bring your attention to one of the biggest and significant issues of the school. The issue pertains to the maintenance problems and halts in the process of their repair. The purpose of writing to you is to get a plausible solution to the problem and get it done before the new term starts.

The building of the play area and newly built escort for the indoor sports need instant repair. The ground of the play area needs to be repaired and soiled for the sake of outdoor sports. The school is about to launch annual sports 20XX from 29th May 20XX; thus, it is in dire need of repair and other maintenance measures. The escort which was built in March for the sake of indoor sports is incomplete and needs to be completed for the annual sports 20XX launch.

The hall that was donated to the library needs large repairs and replacement of furniture. The furniture is broken and old. Moreover, the library has to be equipped with lights that are florescent lights down with 6” diameter. The library needs an overall redesigning of its key features.

Keeping all that has explained above, I request you to give this matter considerable attention and get the repairs done before 29th May 20XX. The sport launch event of our school is famous in the town and is witnessed by many. Moreover, our sports are broadcasted by many local news channels and published in school monthly editions. To maintain a good repute and make the school look well, we need to work on this as soon as possible.

Besides, a nice renovation and in-time repairs make the building looks nicer and the workers’ level of performance boosts to the next level. Therefore, I request you to call a meeting of administration and members of the QA committee to discuss and direct them to start the repair as soon as possible. Thank you.


Diana Hart
Department of General Administration
Danes High School, San Diego

Letter on maintenance issues in school


Re. Indicating and Outlining the School Maintenance Issues

Dear Madam,

This letter purports to inform you about the maintenance issues in the building of the school.

I am Jamila Holland, and I am working with your school team on a contract basis. I work as Strategy Analyst for HRM Constructions and Renovations, California. The company signed a contract according to which our company was to renovate and repair the damaged areas of your school’s building. I am writing to you to discuss some issues related to maintenance.

The area is almost 500 square meters. The area to be repaired cannot be repaired because of extensive damage in the center. The repair pertains to the roof and the upper walls but it is not possible to repair the roof center because of the antique design of the hall roof. If we demolish the main hall building, it is only then possible to repair the walls and redesign the roof. This will bring many changes in the workforce, cost, and HRC of the contract. Moreover, there would be a need to change the contract from many perspectives.

Therefore, I would like you to inform us about your earliest convenience for a meeting so that we can have a chance to speak to you. You can contact me at [EMAIL] or call +[X] for further assistance in this regard.

Thank you for choosing our services. We shall try our best to leave no loopholes at your disposal. Thank you.


Jamila Holland
Strategy Analyst
HRM Constructions and Renovations
P-93, Hall Road, 54000
New York City, New York, USA.


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