Complaint Letter to Bank for Usual Deduction of Money


Re. Complaint Letter for Unusual Deduction of Money from Credit Card # [X]

I am writing this letter to lodge a complaint against the bank’s incompetence. I have been a customer of this bank since 2013 and it has been eight years since our mutual coordination. I have always been an admirer of your bank’s services since I became a client of this.

I am Fen Starbuck and I hold an account in your bank with registration no. [X] and account no. [X] with the title FEN STARBUCKS. On 26th March 20XX, at around 1:00 PM, I received a text message from the bank telling me that $165 has been deducted from my credit card with credit card no. [X]. I enquired the bank for this deduction which remained an unresolved myth.

The admin told that the deduction has been made by the LHC Enquiry Department. When I asked from the said department, I was told that they did not make any deduction. Further, I enquired from the Assistant Manager who told me that the deduction has been made by the Department of Loan and Subscriptions. I assured them that I neither take any loan nor I have any outstanding payment overdue.

Later, I was told to contact the RA Manager. For all this, I am writing to you to look into this matter and investigate this unusual and ambiguous deduction from my credit card. I shall be grateful to you for this. Please let me know about this by writing at [X].


Sylvie Martin
H-203, Heyland Reo Road, San Diego,

Complaint Letter to Bank for Usual Deduction of Money


Re. Complaint about the Deduction of Money without any Notification W.r.t. Transaction [X] Enclosed.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to submit a complaint regarding the unusual deduction of money from my account without any notification.

I am Jem Geller from H-street B-Light Area, San Diego. I am a sincere account holder in the HighNoon Microfinance Bank, San Diego. This is a saving account no. is [X] with the title Deller Fines. I had deposited $1700 into my bank account on 23rd March 20XX. On 26th March 20XX, I went to the bank’s ATM to withdraw $1500 and I was replied by the machine that the amount is insufficient to be withdrawn. I thought it a technical fault and then checked through the HighNoon online banking app.

According to the app, I only have $1100 in my account whereas I submitted an amount of $1700 into the account (please find the receipt enclosed). I filed a complaint on the website on the same day (screenshot enclosed) but did not find any response.

Therefore, I am lodging this complaint in this letter to you. Please look into this matter personally and review this to draw any possible and best solution out. I will be grateful to you for this.

I have never been distressed by any of such problems in this bank since I have been a client to this. If this matter would not be resolved by the bank soon then I shall lodge a complaint about this illegal and unusual deduction in the amount.

You can contact me at [X] or call me at +1[X]. I am looking forward to your earliest response. Thank you.


Jem Geller
N-71 Heystreet B-Light Area, San Diego

Complaint Letter to Bank for Usual Deduction of Money

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