Notice to Student for Indiscipline


This notice is being written to you to charter the facts based on your misconduct on 20th March. It also serves to warn you about the consequences of such an inappropriate demeanor on the college premises.

I have been notified that you were involved in illegal activities on the said date. You have violated the set norms and regulations of the college. The set forth of delinquency issues disciplinary action to be taken at odds with you. Therefore, this notice also serves as a warning to you by the college’s administration. Any further contravention of the college’s rules and regulations will result in punitive action. It can also result in expelling your name from the institute. A copy of this notice has been put in your monthly progress report. You have to provide an explanation for this notice.


This notice has been issued against you because of your ungentlemanly conduct with Miss Jennifer on 3rd August. Due to this misconduct, Miss Jennifer is feeling dissatisfied to let her daughter get admission to our school. This thing can have a bad impact on the institute’s reputation. Kindly abstain from behaving inappropriately with anyone on the school’s premises. The repeated act of this kind will result in further disciplinal action and it can include possibly stuck out your name. Moreover, you are also directed to meet Mr. Steward in admin block, room no 7. Hope you have understood well.


I have come to know through reliable resources that you were in indecorous conduct with your class teacher Mr. Jones. Displaying ill-fitted conduct with teachers is a clear violation of the college’s regulations and authorities. So, this notice is an official warning issued against you. We do not expect such ill behavior in our institute. A further act of this kind can lead to severe action to be taken against you. It will surely result in your drumming out from the institution.


This notice is to warn you regarding indiscipline in school’s premises. You are charged with behaving inappropriately on 23rd Feb. your impermissible act has disrupted the institution’s environment and has also affected badly on other staff members and students. You have transgressed the school’s standard rules and regulations. Therefore, this notice is documented warning notice to you. Tomorrow visit my office along with your parents as I have to discuss this matter with them. This notice has also been placed in the school’s record book.


Hope you have been going well in your studies but after I came to know about your creating disruption in the college, I became much disappointed. You are accused of fighting with your classmates on a baseless topic that leads to your fight with them. We do not bear such behavior in the college.

Our college has the best environment for working and has also a good reputation in the town. Any student who creates disruption and disturbs the college’s environment is entitled to be thrown out from the school immediately. But you have remained a brilliant student in the school, therefore, I am giving you the last warning to improve yourself. You adhere to the college’s policies and regulations. I can hope that you will not seem to do this in the future.


Every institute has set some policies for its staff and students and it is compulsory to abide by them. Anyone who is seen disobeying or disrupting the institute’s environment is entitled to punishment. This notice has been issued to you based on your involvement in breaking the windows and furniture of your classroom. All your classmates have requested me to expel you out from the school as they are not feeling safe in your surroundings.

Therefore, this is the first and last warning to you to behave well otherwise I will permanently expel your name and you will not be able to get admission to school again. Hope you have gotten my point well.

Notice to Student for Indiscipline

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