Complaint letter to bank manager for poor customer service

Banks are formal institutions which are known for their customer service. Customers get offended when they get poor customer service but when it comes to banks, customers get highly irritated as it is a matter of their money and they are already paying the bank for availing their services.

If you receive poor customer service from your bank, you can place a complaint using various modes of communications. Banks have dedicated cells and helplines which are operating 24/7 for sorting customer issues. So, you can call and complain. Banks even provide customer feedback templates on their website. This is also a great way to get your concerns.

But writing a complaint letter to the bank manager is one of the commonly used ways. Writing a letter directly to the bank manager means he’s the most senior person and you will get a 100% response to your complaint.

Before writing a letter, make sure to mention all your details such as the type of account you hold with the bank and the services you get with that account. Put your complaint in a brief and effective manner. Mention what your issue was and the action that you require your bank to take to resolve the matter.

Sample letter

Dear Manager,

I have a savings account in your bank since last three months. During account opening, I mentioned that I need my ATM urgently as I have to do daily transactions from my account and taking out money from the ATM is easy. I was provided with my cheque book, but I still did not receive my ATM card and I was told I will receive in a weeks’ time. After two weeks, I placed a complaint and expressed my urgency for the ATM card. I was told that something was wrong with the bank’s system and I must fill my ATM form again.

It has been months since I have been visiting the bank and inquiring this matter. I am a very busy person and a full-time employee too. I cannot visit the bank every other day and keep on filing new complaints or following up with the previous ones. Please look into this matter at your earliest and arrange my ATM card. I have mentioned my account details below and will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Account title:
Account number:
Account type:
With regards,

Complaint letter to bank manager for poor customer service

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