Complaint letter of poor quality of food

Everyone loves eating out occasionally for a change from the regular life. When people want to eat out, they did not just want great food, but they also want an amazing experience. If we visit a good restaurant and the food is not up to our expectations, we feel extremely disappointed. Going out be it with friends or even family is not cheap. Good restaurants have good prices as well.

If you get a poor-quality food what should be your next step? The best thing is to speak to the manager regarding the food. You can even mention the problem with your food in the comment card. But the best way to place a complaint is to write a letter to the manager.

It is best to mention the items you ordered and the poor quality of the food in details. You can even express how disappointing the whole experience was for you. In most of the instances, the manager will acknowledge your complaint and invite you over for a free meal where they serve you the best dishes to undo your bad experience.

Sample Letter

Dear Manager,

I am writing this complaint letter to bring into your notice my experience of dining at your restaurant yesterday. I had come in with my fiancé to celebrate her birthday. We have been planning this day since months as we both are very stuck in our work routines. It was my fiancés wish to visit this place as we had heard a lot about you.

To begin with, we ordered soup which was cold and bland. And the prawns were not cooked well. Upon requesting the waiter to heat up the soup for us, it took him so long that we lost the whole charm of having soup. For the main course, we choose to have a mix of veg and non-veg. Both the dishes had the same taste and were extremely spicy. We had clearly instructed the waiter that our spice level is mild. It was hard for us to eat such spicy food.

The ambiance was nice though. And it is one of the reasons that we decided to sit there and not leave until we have our food. Our experience would have been great if the food quality was a match to the environment of the restaurant. I am sure you will make a note of my experience and improve it for future visits.

Complaint letter of poor quality of food

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