Costume Party Invitation Messages to Family & Friends


Hello everyone, it’s Halloween time. To celebrate the event we are consigning invitations to goblins, friends and all witches in any ensemble in the party arranged for Halloween. We want you to join us at 7:00 pm at our spooky house in Manchester main hall of Street, 3. You can bring your family and friends to the party and they will be given refreshments too. Kindly make sure you are present at the party and try to come as early as possible.


Halloween is ten days away from us and it is everyone’s favorite time. This year I along with Edward have decided to arrange a party on Halloween day evening. It would be a moment of utmost pleasure for us to have you at the party to intimidate us and be intimidated. I want to do a different thing this year so I have chosen a theme contrasting to how we used to adopt eerie characters like every year.

I am hopeful that you will be acquainted with a new theme and will find something worthy to wear and embellish yourself with. Kindly do not share this plan with anyone else as it would be amusing to see many ghastly and gruesome characters sauntering Brooklyn. You will be served dinner in grotesque-themed salvers, so it would be very exciting for you.


I invite all of you to come and join me in a sinister and uncanny costume party where you all will have a spine-chilling good time. I will be pleased to have you at the party and if you will not come to the Halloween party then it will forever unnerve and spook you. So come in our Halloween startle if you dare. Moreover, there will avidly be waiting to be witches, goblins, and phantoms too for you.


Hello, Hetty now it’s time for you to get scared so do not grimace. Here is an invitation for you to the Halloween costume party. You are invited to be with dead souls and you will definitely be got scared after reading this. It will be arranged in my house and I want your spooky presence there. So do not forget this and bring your undead too with you.


As you know well it is Halloween time again. So you are invited to commemorate this day and we are bequeathing summons to witches, phantoms, and ghosts too to come in spooky ensembles for the Halloween party. The timings for the party are 8:00 pm in our house located on Street, 7near Main Boulevard, Brooklyn. Your undead friends and family are invited too along with you and they will be served in spooky-themed dishes. So do not miss the event and make sure your occupancy.


Ghouls and witches, ghosts and phantoms, you are cordially invited to the Halloween costume party. So come by banging our door and join us in a fun night full of spookiness. You will be served with witches beverage and many more. Your presence matters a lot for us so come if you dare. Find a suitable ensemble to wear to Halloween frightful party and you will have a great fun night. The witches and ghosts will be roaming so you will be in trepidation if you do not come to the Halloween party.


To all the revenants, boys, devils, vampires, and ghosts we are going to have a party that will rule definitely. There will be treats, magic, and games for playing so you all do not delay. As it is Halloween night so come for a scary and frightful night. Try to come in your best costume and have fun. Together we will enjoy evocative Halloween ales and I hope that the party will be fantastic. 


Will you be free on Tuesday night? What about wearing ghostly costumes, dancing, and drinking, so just come to my place for having a frightful Halloween night full of witches and ghouls. Emblazon yourself with something luminary and enjoy witches brews.

Costume party invitation message

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