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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter for the position of caregiver at (name of the company). Nothing in this world gives you a sense of satisfaction than to care for a person in need. Humanity needs a sense of care to survive. It is very difficult nowadays to find a person with a good heart and the willingness to care for a patient. Many people might take the job of caregiver for mere the purpose of earning money but I am not just another person.

Due to the events in my life I have developed empathy for others in my heart. I feel the pain of the next person and try to help him in every way possible. Sometimes a person who is sick needs medicine but many times the only thing a person who is sick requires is attention. Many patients who have been sick for a very long time lose hope and go into depression which can have a very drastic effect on their health. In such a condition all a patient wants is to be listened and talked to and I firmly believe that better communication with your patient helps him heal faster.

Better communication allows his broken spirit to get healed and try harder to be in good health again.

I have also worked in old age home named as (name of the old age home). I have served the elderly and thus have an experience of taking care of them. I started my job in (name of the old age home) on (date/year) and left the job on (date/year). I have a total experience of (no of years) in the caregiving field.

Speaking of my previous job I would like to share with you a few of many responsibilities I had in (name of the old age home). I was responsible for providing healthcare to (no of patients) for (no of days) in a week. I had a shift of (no of hours) each day. I am a very empathetic and caring individual so I never mind the fact if I had to increase the duration of my shift. All I cared about was not only the physical but also the mental health of my patients. Moreover, I firmly believe that elderly people have more knowledge and wisdom and hence they should be cared and protected. Despite the generation gap, their suggestions about life are valuable.

When I was younger, I used to look after my grandmother. I was very close to her and after she passed away, I volunteered to be a caregiver in (name of the place) free of cost. I would help and care those individuals and that would heal me from inside. I always cared for them like I used to care for my grandmother. After my graduation, I chose to select caregiver as a profession. As this would not only fulfill my money requirement but also it would keep my heart in peace. I look forward to meeting you for the interviews.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for a caregiver

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