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Dear Hiring Manager,

I saw an advertisement that you are looking for a case manager for your firm (name of the company). I am good at both doing my job as a nurse and counseling. This skill of mine comes from the dual educational background as I have done my bachelors in (name of the subject) and I have completed a course for nursing from (name of the institute) in (date/year).

During my study, I have volunteered for providing my services as a nurse. This helped me improve my patience. Furthermore, I have also assisted a famous counselor (name of the counselor) for (duration). (name of the counselor) is well known for her work and services during the (name of the event). She was also awarded a (name of the award) for her services by the government.

I started my job as an assistant to (name of the counselor) on (date/year) and I left the job on (date/year). During my work, I stumbled upon several critical cases. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience by working under the supervision of (name of the counselor).

Speaking of my job I would like to share with you a few of the many responsibilities I had during my tenure at (name of the place) as an assistant counselor. I was responsible for looking after around (no of patients) a week. I have not only an experience of working in the psychiatry department but I also have served in the geriatric department for quite some time.

I was responsible to do follow-ups with my patients every week. I used to talk not only to the patient but also to his family. I used to brief them about the condition of the patient and what precautionary measures they should take. I also had a session with the family members once a week for telling them in what ways they can assist the patient in getting better and can be a good moral support to him. Because I firmly believe that no one can be closer to a patient then the family members. If a patient gets good moral support from his family the chances of improvement in his health double.

I find this thrilling that I would be able to work with your firm as your firm (name of the company) is one of the well-known firms in the field of healthcare systems. I would highly appreciate if you allow me to visit you any time soon so that I can tell you more about my responsibilities at (name of the company) in detail.

I think I am the perfect fit for this position both because of my background in education and my expertise. Looking forward to meeting you and your staff. I would love to hear more about the responsibilities of your current staff. For any further queries, you can contact me on the contact details mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for case manager

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