Cover Letter for Cosmetologist

I am very happy to apply for the position of cosmetologist at (name of the institution or salon). I am glad at this opportunity and consider myself to be the best fit for the position. I have always been a big fan of hairstyling. I love to recreate the hairstyles with a hint of my own creativity. When I was younger, I loved to watch people with different hairstyles in magazines. Later I would try to recreate them.

With the evolution of time came YouTube which made my interest in hair styling reach its peaks. I was doing my bachelor’s in (name of the subject) when I decided to quit my studies and go for a degree in cosmetology from (name of the institute).

At first, it was weird for me because people were quick enough to judge that because I had taken a major shift in my studies so perhaps, I wasn’t serious enough in my life. Also, I often use to hear rumors that I came to the institute because I belong to a well-off family so I was just another rich spoiled brat who was wasting both her time and the money or her parents. But with continuous hard work and perseverance, I proved everyone to be wrong. I made sure that my work speaks for itself. It wasn’t long enough when not only my teachers but also my class fellows started praising my work.

I always kept this in my mind that I haven’t got this success of mine overnight rather it is the result of my hard work and diligent personality. I vowed to myself that I would never stop working hard and do every task with complete honesty and one day I would become a name people would know.

I want to be a living example for the people who think they cannot achieve anything in life if they change their careers. I want to spread the awareness that if a person does what he likes he would never get tired and with continuous effort would succeed one day.


After the completion of my degree, I volunteered to work as an assistant to a well-known hairstylist (name of the hairstylist) free of charge. Although I was working free, I still managed to fulfill my expenses by doing odd jobs after my shift with (name of the hairdresser). After a year and a half of being working as an assistant to (name of the hairdresser), I applied for a job as a cosmetologist in (name of the institute or hair salon).

I worked for (no of years) in (name of the institute or hair salon). During my tenure, I was continuously praised for my work and punctuality. I like to put my very best in every task assigned to me.

During my job at (name of the institute or the hair salon), I was fortunate enough to style some of the big names in the industry. These names included (name of the person) who is a famous (name of the profession) and (name of the person) who is well known for her work in (name of the profession). I am proud to state here that I received compliments from both the personalities of my work.

I am grateful for your consideration of my application for the position of cosmetologist at (name of the institute or the hair salon). I look forward to meeting you and your staff. I would love to know more about the responsibilities a cosmetologist has in your salon. For any further query feel free to contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for cosmetologist

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