Cover Letter for the Position of Designer

I am writing this cover letter for applying for the position of Designer at (name of the company). I am well aware of the reputation that your company (name of the company) has in the market. I consider myself as the perfect fit for this job as my educational background together with my skills and expertise make me stand out among other applicants.

I came to know that your company (name of the company) was looking for applicants who have at least an experience of (no of years) among their sleeves. I am proud to state here that I not only possess (no of years) of experience as a designer but also, I have worked for the marketing department of (name of the company). Therefore, I am not only well aware of the impact that good designs have on the reputation of the company but also, I have the complete knowledge of how to do their marketing in the perfect way.

Speaking of my work at (name of the company) I had several responsibilities. I was responsible for making some impeccable designs for the packaging of the product. I also worked closely with the marketing team of the company therefore, I precisely knew about the demands of the consumers and what designs would be attractive for them.

I always had a positive attitude towards my work and criticism on it. I used to listen carefully about what my customer has to say about the packaging, and I would start my work after gaining a complete point of view of his ideas and the way he wants the packaging to look like. I also paid close attention to the product that the seller is trying to sell to the customer.

While making the design for the packaging of the product, I always keep in mind the type of consumers which the company is targeting. For example, If the majority of the consumers are feminine in gender, I would design the packaging according to the liking of the gender. This not only helped me in making the perfect design for the product but also assisted in increasing the sales of the product. My hard-working nature always got me positive feedback which in turn got me a promotion in very less time.

Speaking of my educational background I have completed my degree in (name of the subject) with minor in (name of the subject) from (name of the university). I am happy to state here that I completed my degree with a distinction in (name of the subject). I have always been a creative child.

From the very start, I was interested in colors and designs. My parents saw this talent in me and thus helped me in polishing my skills by sending me to the art classes after school. During high school, I participated in several competitions and won many of them. Even if I would lose a competition someday, I would never complain instead I would appreciate the work of the other competitor.

My teachers used to say that this positive attitude of mine would help me grow and prosper in my life and today when I look at the praise I get, It makes me sure of the fact that indeed my attitude has helped me in becoming a better human being.

In the end I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of designer in (name of the company). It would be an honor for me to work in the designing department of your company. I would like to use my skills and expertise for the benefit of the company.

I look forward to meeting you and the employees of your company. I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with the employees of your company (name of the company). I would also like to know more about the rules and regulations of the company. For any further information please contact me on the details mentioned.

Cover letter for the position of designer

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