Cover Letter for the Position of Dentist

I saw an advertisement on (link to the webpage) that your corporation was looking for a person for the position of Dentist. Your corporation is undoubtedly among the big names of the industry. The motive of your company is the main reason I am applying for the position of Dentist at (name of the corporation). I love to help the patients in distress. I like to guide them and enlighten them about the seriousness of the situation and the reason that has caused it.

During my tenure as a Dentist at (name of the company), I observed that people were either unaware or they were simply ignorant of the fact that the hygiene of their teeth matters more than they think.

I still remember that I was surprised by many of my clients who apparently looked well educated. But I shortly came to know that many times a well-educated person, who seems to know much about everything, was unaware of the dental health.

Patients used to complain that they brush their teeth regularly and still they experience discomfort, pain or any other dental health-related issue on a regular basis. It was often difficult to make them realize that solely brushing the teeth was no surety of good dental health. There are many factors that play their part in causing dental distress and they cannot be avoided by mere brushing.

To educate people more about dental health, I used to have a session with every patient of mine after the procedure. I would make them sit and tell them about the complete situation and the ways with which it can be avoided in the future.

I adopted this method after seeing a senior of mine do this on his duty. I thought this not only helps the patient in better understanding the situation but also it educates him about ways for avoiding this situation in the future. I have also conducted seminars at several universities and schools to raise awareness.

Speaking of my education, I have done my degree in dentistry from (name of the institute). I am proud to state here that I was the topper of my batch and thus, I received a gold medal from the rector of the institute for my hard work. After the completion of my studies, I started working as an assistant to (name of the dentist) in (name of the company).

During my work, I learned several important techniques that improved my practical knowledge of many procedures. I am an extrovert; thus, I have a very friendly nature. It was never difficult for me to communicate with my clients and my coworkers. I am a very hardworking person who wants to give his 100% every day in each case assigned.

My diligent nature was also acknowledged by my colleagues and my seniors. I was always praised for the effort I put into my job.

In the end, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of the dentist at (name of the institute). I would like to know further about your corporation (name of the corporation) and the rules and regulations followed by all the employees.

I would also love to know more about the responsibilities that a person sitting at the position of Dentist shares. I would love to use my experience of (no of years) and abilities for the betterment of the patients.

I look forward to meeting you in the interviews. For any further queries, you are welcome to contact me on the details mentioned.

Cover letter for the position of a dentist

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