Cover letter for the position of Esthetician

I saw an advertisement for a job vacancy at the website of your company (name of the company). I am pleased to find out that your company is looking for an experienced person for the position of Esthetician.

I have an experience of (no of years) as I had been previously working as a professional Esthetician at (name of the company). This experience of mine alone is quite enough to make me stand out among the other applicants applying for the position of Esthetician at (name of the company). I am proud to state here that not only my experience but also my education is more than that required in the advertisement.

Your company is hands down one of the fastest-growing companies among the others in the same business. I have always longed for working in a company that treats its clients with dignity. Very few companies in this business are nowadays actually focusing on the well-being of their clients. Most of the companies in the market are focusing on generating revenues and flourishing their business so that their company name becomes a brand someday. I admire the moto of your company that “the client comes first”.

Unfortunately, not every company follows this motto and this is the reason despite people getting a good treatment they complain about the customer care service. I myself think that the client should be made a priority. He should be asked for any issues he is facing and if at any point in the treatment he feels uneasy than it is the responsibility of the person providing the care to actually calm him down.

A customer should be provided basic info about the treatment being held and its pros and cons. He should be asked to decide when he wants the treatment done so that he is mentally prepared and therefore, stays calm during the treatment avoiding any mishaps.

During my tenure as an esthetician at (name of the company), I was responsible for doing several tasks. These tasks included giving laser treatment services, skin treatments, polishing, waxing, facials, and masks. Moreover, I was also responsible for training junior employees. I used to encourage them to try harder and to be precise as precision is the key to this business.

I am highly qualified and therefore I have a degree in using the new techniques for giving the clients HydraFacial, oxygen facial, Derma roller Micro-needling, chemical peels, LED red light therapy, radiofrequency facials, Microdermabrasion with crystals and Hyaluronic Acid Infusion.

Despite being having the authority of doing a plethora of facials my signature facial was Fire and Ice red carpet facial for reducing the wrinkles and fine lines accompanied by cocoa enzyme facial treatment which involved gentle exfoliation and skin brightening procedures ultimately helping in reduction of any inflammation.

I have great precision in my work and therefore, my clients leave me positive feedbacks after I have completed the job. I also have good communication skills. These abilities of mine together with my business attitude assist me in becoming a professional esthetician.

As far as my education is concerned, I am proud to state here that I have completed my degree in (name of the subject) from (name of the institute).

I have also attained the certificate of excellence from a workshop I attended in (name of the city). I was assessed for my performance by some of the big names of the industry including (name of the person), (name of the person) and (name of the person). I have attached the photocopy of that certificate as proof.

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Esthetician at (name of the company). I would love to meet and share my experiences with the employees of your company. I look forward to meeting you in the interviews. For any further query please contact on (contact details mentioned).

Cover letter for the position of Esthetician
Cover letter for the position of Esthetician

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