Cover letter for the position of Flight Attendant

I am extremely happy to apply for the position of Flight Attendant at (name of the company). I have always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. During my childhood, I had to travel a lot due to the job of my parents. I have seen different parts of the world However; I was always mesmerized by the job of the Flight attendant.

Well-groomed personalities would be helping passengers with the best possible manners. This scene stayed in my mind. And when I grew older, I decided I would become a flight attendant. It is often said that if you choose a career in the area you love the most, you would never be working again. Flight attendants travel a lot as a part of their job and therefore they get to see the world. I would be more than happy to serve as a flight attendant for your company (name of the company).

I have previous experience of (number of years) at the position of Flight Attendant. I have worked as a Flight Attendant in (name of the company) from (date/ year) to (date/ year).

Although I know the advertisement about the position of Flight Attendant posted by your company (name of the company) has not asked for previous experience in this field but I firmly believe that this massive experience of mine of (number of years) makes me stand out from the other applicants applying for this post.

For a person to succeed in the career of a Flight Attendant it is necessary that he works on his manners and skills. I am already familiar with the majority of the responsibilities and tasks of a person working as a Flight Attendant at any company. I have worked a lot on my skills in the past years. The Manager of the company (name of the previous company) was very satisfied with my performance. I was also nominated for the best employee award for my behavior and attitude.

Speaking of my experience of (number of years) at (name of the company) I would like to state some of the responsibilities I had. During my job, I was responsible for managing all the issues arising during the flight which may cause certain distress to the passenger. I made sure that the passengers get to have a memorable experience.

I have completed (number of flights/ hours) hours of both domestic as well as international flights. I am proud to state here that despite having been working as a flight attendant for (number of years) I have got no complain from neither the passenger nor my colleagues about my behavior. I am an extrovert by nature therefore, it helps me in creating better communication with every person I interact with. I am also very good at working in teams.

I was also responsible for training new flight attendants. During the (number of years) year service as a flight attendant at (name of the company). I have trained (number of trained individuals) individuals.

Moreover, I am also certified in carrying out various first aid procedures. I have received these certificates from (name of the institute). I am certified in giving bandage, AED, CPR and other forms of first aid. I have attached all the copies of my certificates with the application as proof. I paid special attention to making the new trainees skilled in managing any sort of emergency situation and improving their service skills.

In the end, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of Flight attendant at (name of the company).

I assure you that if selected I would give my best at the job. I look forward to meeting you and your employees. I am eager to learn more about your company and the responsibilities a flight attendant has in your company.

Cover letter for the position of Flight Attendant
Cover letter for the position of Flight Attendant

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