Cover Letter for the Position of Finance Intern

I am writing this cover letter for the position of Finance Intern at (name of the company). I have read a lot about your company. It would not be wrong if I say that I have always dreamed of working in your company. I am not only impressed by the motto of the company but also with the company’s attitude towards its employees.

There is no doubt that your company has a high reputation for giving the needs of its employees a priority. This is an attitude that is missing in many companies. In this contemporary world, everyone thinks about his own benefit. No one wants to put the needs of another person above his. But I firmly believe that for a company to prosper it is necessary that the employees of the company are happy with the company policies. This increases their will to work and thus, they work harder and more efficiently.

Their hard work pays off in the form of an increase in the revenue of the company. Therefore, my interest in working in your company has got a boost after I came to know about the type of attitude the company (name of the company) keeps towards its employees.

I am currently a student at (name of the university). I possess no professional experience currently in the field. However, my academic performance speaks up for my capabilities. I am currently in my (name of the semester). I am the topper of my batch. I plan to maintain my position as the topper of the batch in the upcoming semesters.

My professors are also very happy with my performance. I am always praised for my work. I put all of my effort in completing every task assigned to me. I always strive for the best. I have a habit of giving attention to little details. My colleagues usually do not pay much attention to every minute detail and this is the reason all of my professors praise me for this ability of mine.

I possess strong analytical skills and have a deep understanding of managing and solving complex financial issues. I can proudly state that I am knowledgeable and well versed in this field. I have a working knowledge of project management, microeconomics, personal finance, macroeconomics, and Human resource management. I have also studied business and accounting as part of my academic subjects. Therefore, it would be safe to say that I have previous knowledge of almost all of the fields that a person applying for a post of Finance Intern should have.

I have a friendly nature. This helps me in getting along with almost everyone. I am equally efficient in solving problems when working individually as well as in a team. Despite being the topper of the class, I have very good terms with all my class fellows.

I have completed several projects with my classmates. I love to complete every task assigned to me before the deadline. This not only gives me an internal satisfaction but also it has helped me a lot throughout my life. Completing an assignment before the deadline not only saves me from unnecessary stress but also gives me ample time to recheck the assignment before submission.

I feel very excited to work at your company and learn new skills. I would also like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of Finance Intern at (name of the company).

I am eager to know more about your company and the rules and regulations the staff has to follow. I assure you that if selected I would try to give my 100% and learn all the skills at a fast pace because I am a fast learner naturally.

Cover letter for the position of Finance Intern
Cover letter for the position of Finance Intern

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