Cover Letter for the Position of Event Manager

I am pleased to write for the position of Event Manager at (name of the company). I first came to know about the post through a friend of mine that works in the same company (name of the company). when I heard about the post, I immediately knew that I have to apply for this position. I am a very well-organized person; therefore, I always desired to be a manager someday.

I came into Event planning after my father decided to remarry. For many in my family, it was not acceptable because I and my siblings were in our teenage at that time. However, our father talked us through and we had no issue with him marrying another woman. After the demise of my mother, things were getting very difficult to manage. We desperately needed someone to look after us and our home. I was the older among all my siblings, yet I was finding this task of managing work, studies, and home at the same time to be quite stressful. Therefore, I could easily understand what my other siblings would be going through.

After about six months of continuous stress, my father made us sit down and told us how his marrying other women would actually help us settle in our lives and we all agreed. However, my extended family members thought this was not a good idea. They believed this would divert the attention of our father from us to the new person in his life. Despite the opposition of almost every person in the family I decided to manage the event of my father’s marriage myself.

This was my first time managing an event and that too without any prior experience. I received a lot of praise for the attention I gave to every little detail from decoration to catering.

After people saw the event I organized, I was asked to organize a few other events of my family and friends which included engagement ceremonies and birthday parties. I did a splendid job in organizing every event and this boosted my confidence in pursuing Event manager as a career. After finishing high school, I joined (name of the university) for doing my bachelor’s in (name of the subject).

During my studies in (name of the university), I joined two societies and became the head event manager of both of them. During my tenure as an event manager of the university’s societies, I planned and arranged several events including many seminars, sports competitions, art competitions, debating competitions, annual functions, and farewell parties.

After the completion of my degree, I joined (name of the company) as an assistant Event manager. I worked under the supervision of (Name of the person). (Name of the person) was the leading event manager of the company. It was a great opportunity for me as it polished my abilities and skills. Working in (name of the company) made me capable enough to organize events from being highly sophisticated i.e. business meetups to the events that require fun and glamor i.e. weddings.

Speaking of my responsibilities at (name of the company) I was accountable for planning every aspect of the event. I would meet with the clients to note down their requirements for the decoration, food and background music.

I was also responsible for estimating the total cost and providing consultation to the clients. My main goal in event planning was to ensure that all the guests invited to the event have a positive experience. I always kept pleasing the clients and their guests my priority. Another aspect to which I paid a lot of attention was the security of the event. No one was allowed to enter if they were not having the special pass we arranged for the guests.

In the end, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for reviewing my application for the position of Event Manager at (name of the company). I look forward to knowing more about your company, its staff members and the responsibilities that an event manager has in your company. It would be an honor for me to share with you the details of my work experience and skills. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.


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Cover letter for the position of Event Manager
Cover letter for the position of Event Manager

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