Cover Letter for the Position of Graduate Assistant

I am pleased to apply for the position of Graduate Assistant at (name of the university). I have always been a sports freak. I have loved sports since childhood. I have an emotional connection with sports. My love for sports has descended from my father. He always told me that he would love to see me flourish in the field of sports. He was himself a very good hockey player and also had been the captain of his college’s hockey team. He had always admired every sport. When I was younger, he used to play with me. In my school, I started playing sports other than hockey. My father was always supportive of me. He would attend all my sports games. He would share the happiness of my success with his colleagues and encourage me at my failures.

My father died when I started high school. My love for sports also dimmed from that instant. I became distant from sports with each passing day. I was in my senior year when my sports teacher came to know that I used to be a good sports player. He asked me to participate in the intercollege sports competitions and represent my school. I denied his request at the start but after long and repeated discussions with him, I finally spoke to him about why I was no longer interested in sports.

I told him that I missed my father whenever I play. I was afraid of being no longer able to see my father on the days of sports competitions. This mere thought of not being able to see my father’s face in the crowd, cheering for me, sends chills down my spine. However, my sports teacher talked to me through this. He made me realize that by letting go of sports I am actually letting go of the dream of my father. On that very day, I decided I would play sports for keeping my father alive in my memory.

I took admission in (name of the university) for doing my graduation degree in (name of the subject). During all my years at the university I was very active in sports. I Played badminton, cricket, hockey and football matches in the competition held between different departments of the university. I have also represented my university in a state-level match of cricket and hockey. Under my captaincy, the team played so well that we were able to grasp the trophy two times in a row. I was also awarded the best performance award. Playing sports not only keeps a person physically fit but it has a very profound and positive effect on the mental health of a person.

I have also an experience of working as a Graduate Assistant in (name of the university). During the tenure of my job at (name of the university), I was responsible for carrying out several different tasks. I used to make schedules and monitor sports practices.

I closely watched students practicing and if I would see a child having any issue in improving his performance, I would give him extra time and coaching. I made sure that all my students put all their efforts into preparing themselves for the sports matches. Although providing counseling to the students was not a part of my job yet I did that anyway. I always encouraged my students to open up about their issues and difficulties. Once a student opens up about the issue, he has been facing, I would make sure that he gets help in every way possible.

In the end, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of Graduate Assistant at (name of the university).

I would love to meet you and your current employees. I look forward to meeting the students at your university (name of the university). I would be honored to share my past experiences and passion for supports with them. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.

Cover letter for the position of Graduate Assistant
Cover letter for the position of Graduate Assistant

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