Cover Letter for the Position of Executive Assistant

I am writing this cover letter to apply for the position of Executive Assistant position at (name of the company). I am very excited about this opportunity as I have always dreamed of working in your firm (name of the company). There is no doubt about the fact that your company is one of the top leading companies in the field. It is a common human nature that every person wants to work with the best so that he is able to learn something new and polish his skills. I would not say that I don’t think that I would learn some valuable knowledge by working in your company, but I firmly believe that I am highly skilled and educated for the post of Executive Assistant at (name of the company).

I have the drive to organize things and this makes me the perfect fit for the job. Not only my skills and education speak up for my capabilities but also, I have experience of (no of years) in this field. I am well aware that you have asked for any applicant to apply for the position of Executive Assistant if he or she has experienced above (no of years). However, I believe that my (no of years) of experience makes me stand out from the rest of the applicants applying for this same position.

The position of Executive Assistant demands for a person who has profound management skills and knows the importance of time management. A person who is not diligent enough to be punctual cannot survive in this position. But my massive experience of (number of years) speaks up for my abilities. During my job as an Executive Assistant in (name of the company), I was always praised for my abilities to tackle issues and for my sharp eye for every detail.

Moreover, during my job at (name of the company) I was responsible for a plethora of tasks. Some of these include management of meetings with the clients, managing the travel plans, coordinating the schedules and meeting details with the CEO. I have worked with 4 Executive members of the company. It is not easy for someone to actually understand and manage the nuances of a busy day in the CEO’s life. It takes more than just management skills. A person has to be vigilant and good in communication.

Speaking of my education I have graduated from (name of the university). I have completed my graduation in (name of the subject). After my graduation, I did an internship in (name of the company). Although it was an unpaid internship, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the top names in the Industry.

I worked with (name of the person), (name of the person) and (name of the person). (name of the person) in particular, I liked me a lot for my work and passion. He asked me to get a post-graduate degree in (name of the subject) as this will help me in getting a better understanding of the industry. Therefore, I did my master’s degree in (name of the subject).

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Executive Assistant at (name of the company). I assure you that I would give my best. I would love to meet your current employees in the company. Moreover, I look forward to knowing more about your company and the responsibilities that an Executive Assistant has in your company. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.


Name of the applicant

Cover letter for the position of Executive Assistant
Cover letter for the position of Executive Assistant

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