Employee Benefits Proposal Letter Sample to HR

Besides salary, some companies offer non-monetary benefits to the employees as well. These include paid leaves for religious holidays, maternity, or any unforeseen emergency leaves. These benefits are usually mentioned in the employee contract and informed to the employees verbally too. Most employees expect to get benefits from the company and if the company does not offer any, the employee may write a letter to HR and request some employee benefits.

The employee benefits, especially hospital bills can amount to thousands of dollars which is why these are considered part of the overall package an employee is offered. It is important to understand which employee benefits you shall be receiving and how to avail of them if needed. Daily wage jobs usually do not have paid leaves and salary is deducted for any leaves you take. An office job however may earn you a few paid leaves per year which may include maternity leave for women.

A small cut in the monthly salary of an employee may also be made as a part of an insurance plan which also comes under employee benefits. The employee is given a lump sum of this amount when he leaves the company by choice or when he retires. A place of residence or a car may also be offered to an employee, but these benefits are usually reserved for employees of higher ranks, for example, executives and officers.

A disabled worker may also be given disability benefits and insurance may cover any medical bills or injuries he may sustain due to his disability. Usually, this type of benefit is not offered by the company as a disabled person may not be able to perform in a challenging office work environment in the first place. He may be placed in work that requires little to no physical activity and just paperwork.

How to write an employee benefits proposal letter to HR?

  1. If you want your company to consider offering you some benefits, you may write a proposal letter to the HR and propose some employee benefits to them.
  2. Make sure that the benefits are realistic. Do not expect to get pension plans or medical insurance from a company that has just started or is not doing well financially. Keep your approach realistic and ask for things that are manageable by the HR.
  3. If your company is offering certain benefits to the executives at higher ranks, you may politely request the HR to extend those benefits to the employees at lower ranks too subject to their performance.
  4. Do not give them ultimatums or threaten them with resignation if the demands are not fulfilled. Always remember that as an employee you should have a respectful approach towards the authorities as they are paying you to work for them.

Sample Letter


Mr. Andrew Campbell
Manager HR
Bluebird Technologies

Dated 20th September 20XX

Ms. Winona Smith
Assistant manager
Bluebird Technologies

Subject: Employee benefit proposal

Dear Mr. Andrew,

Good day. I am writing this letter to bring an important matter to your attention. I have been working as an assistant manager at this company for the past two years at $5000 per month. I have had a very pleasant and learning experience at the company and would like to extend my services for the Bluebird company for much longer.

However, I have noticed that the employees at the assistant level are not offered any employee benefits and those are only reserved for personnel at the managerial or executive level. I would like to propose a few benefits for employees at my level and below, which will be received with gratitude if you consider them:

  1. At least 2 paid leaves per month owing to emergencies.
  2. Paid maternity leave for a month for female employees.
  3. A small residential apartment near the office for employees who live far. A percentage of monthly rent can be deducted from the employee’s salary.

As a dedicated employee who has been working with motivation and honesty for the past two years, I would be very grateful if you consider these demands and fulfill them if possible. I live very far and have to travel an hour every day to reach the office, so an apartment near the office would be highly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing back from you. You can reach out to me at [EMAIL]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Winona smith

Employee benefits proposal letter to HR

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