Request Letter to Freeze Salary Deduction

Salary deduction means when your employer makes a cut in your salary owing to different reasons. An employer has the authority to cut your salary, but he may only do so under certain conditions and by staying within the bound limits. The cut may be made to provide for the employee’s insurance plans but this must be discussed beforehand and mentioned in the contract.

A certain amount of tax will also be deducted from the salary. Moreover, some companies provide facilities like provident funds or pension schemes and for that purpose, a small amount of cut is made from the salary each month.

In other cases, a deduction might be made in the salary due to the bad performance of an employee or due to his absence from work. The amount of salary deduction, for this reason, varies between companies and is usually communicated to the employees on their contract.

Some companies allow a few paid leaves per year but if an employee has used all his leaves or is absent unannounced, then he may be qualified for salary deductions. Similarly, deductions may also be made for an employee’s performance not being satisfactory, or if he was unable to complete the tasks on time.

However, in such cases, he may be given a few warnings first before any deduction is made. In either case, an employer is not allowed to cut more than fifty percent of an employee’s salary which is the legal limit for most companies.

Request to freeze salary deduction:

A notification of salary deduction may be distressing for an employee. You have the right to challenge the deduction if you feel that this cut was made unfairly. However, in most cases, companies are very clear in their reasons for deduction so the best strategy would be to accept it and try not to repeat the mistakes again.

However, for some employees, their salary is hand to mouth with hardly any room for savings. The employee might have some bills or installments due that month so he may request the company to freeze his salary deduction till a later date. The following points should be considered while writing a request letter to freeze salary deduction

  1. Be truthful in your letter. Truthfully state the reasons to why you need your full salary this month. You may attach any proofs of the reasons you are stating for example voucher of your child’s fee due this month, instalments pending or just a general reason of you not having any savings because you purchased a property recently.
  2. Be polite and do not take a threatening tone with your employer. He may have a valid reason to cut your salary, so you need to put your point across in a respectful and convincing manner.
  3. Offer to make amends. If the deduction in your salary was made due to your poor performance than you can make certain to the authorities that you will harder and with more dedication next time.

Sample Letter


Mr. Brian Luke
CEO Luke Enterprise
West London.


Ms. Anna Gerrard
Research analyst
Luke enterprise

Subject: Request letter to freeze salary deduction

Dear Mr. Luke,

I am writing to bring to your attention that a deduction of fifteen percent has been made from my September salary. The reasons that were stated by HR were that I was unable to submit the work report on time and that I was absent from work for two days afterward. I wish to inform you that my daughter got really sick, and I had to take her to the hospital on 2nd September. She was facing some breathing difficulties due to which she was kept in the ICU for the next 2 days and due to this, I had to take extra leaves. I have attached her medical reports for your reference.

I apologize for the delay in work that resulted from my absence, and I can assure you that I will complete it at my earliest. I request you to please freeze my salary deduction for this month as I have to pay my daughter’s medical bills by 30th September, and I will be unable to do so owing to the salary deduction. I am willing to put in extra time this week to complete the tasks assigned to me previously. I look forward to your cooperation.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ms. Anna Gerrard


Request Letter to Freeze Salary Deduction

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