Employee Training Tracker

Training an employee is an essential part of his job because it is only through training that he becomes the best fit for the position to which he has been appointed. By learning the necessary skills from one job, an employee becomes well-equipped with the skills, and then he can get a promotion or even better opportunities in other companies.

All the big organizations work on the professional grooming of their workers. They add this to the system of the company and make sure that every person who joins that company for work purposes automatically starts to get professionally groomed because of the environment.

What is an employee training tracker?

Training trackers are such instruments that companies use when they are giving necessary training to their employees and want to keep track of it. Usually, different training activities are involved in the process of instructing employees on how to do certain things that they have to do during their job. It is inevitable to keep track of those activities to make sure that, during the learning process, none of the employees misses any of them.

It usually provides a database to the company so that it can keep checking different factors based on which it can decide whether the award or certificate should be issued or not.

What are the benefits of the tracker?

Companies reap many benefits, and a few of them are listed below:

It helps keep track of attendance

In addition, the tracker also helps a company keep tabs on the attendance of the people to make sure that every person has attended the program since at the end of the program, a certificate is issued and it is only for deserving people who have taken part in the instructions and lectures with full passion and enthusiasm.

It is used to determine if workers have met training objectives

Every training program whether it has one session or multiple sessions has some objectives to be met by attendees. The tracker helps a company if those objectives have been fulfilled because when an employee has met all the goals, it means he has got the best out of the training and now he can be considered well-trained.

It helps in the progress tracker

Some instruction programs are long, and therefore, they are divided into various seasons. At the end of each session, companies usually determine how well an employee is learning. This is usually achieved by evaluating employees.

What are the main characteristics of a coaching program tracker?


Some organizations keep running coaching programs, and so many people have gotten trained because of those programs. It is not possible to not keep records of those instructing sessions because records help you in the future. Tracker serves as a document where an organization can keep information about each and every trainee and trained person.


There is always a schedule to be followed whenever coaching is started for the professional grooming of people because it is important to make sure that the coaching does not interrupt the routine work of the employee. Proper scheduling is done, and days and times are decided for the coaching session with the help of the tracker.

Tracking of the certificate

Those who invest their time and energies in getting the training are usually certified at the end after they have proved during the evaluation that they have learned what the program was supposed to teach.

So, the tracker tells which of the employees need a certificate, and since these credentials usually come with an expiration date, the tracker helps a company see if the expiration date has been reached or not. If the date of expiration has been reached, the employee will be asked to retake the test or attend the program again.

Tracker template

The tracker provides a template for those who need a tool but don’t want to put effort into creating it from scratch. They can download it in the desired format and then input the required details in it regarding the training program.

The tracker can be referred to as and when it is needed without any complications, as it is downloaded on their devices. However, people can also print it to take down the details by hand.

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