Employee Referral Form

Referrals or recommendations from people you trust are very valuable, as you believe that they will never refer you to someone who is fake or not the right person. In the professional world, many companies allow their existing employees to refer their peers, friends, or people from their personal lives to the company if they learn that there is a vacancy that is suitable for the person being referred. For this purpose, companies use the employee referral form.

What is an employee referral form?

It is a document with empty fields that is used by a company to facilitate its worker’s recommendations and recommend qualified and eligible people for a job position in the company. Whenever there is a job opening, a company looks for candidates who are a good fit and also have a professional attitude.

Some companies like to hire candidates who are recommended by their current employees. Finding out about people with the help of workers in the company is one of the most effective strategies these days. With this strategy, people usually have to put in less effort when hiring people. They don’t need to advertise, and even if they do, they use less money and resources to do it because their workers are already engaged in finding the right fit for the open vacancy.

What are the benefits of the employee recommendation form?

There are numerous benefits to using this form. A few of them are discussed below:

It helps find the right candidate

People who are already working in an organization understand what kind of person a company requires and what abilities a person should possess to be able to get hired and then survive in the company. Therefore, they find someone who can be the right and most suitable candidate.

It helps fill up the vacant seat

Many such job positions remain vacant because of a lack of the skills or expertise needed. Companies usually struggle to find individuals who are qualified enough to work in that position. Such companies take help from their employees and ask them to use the referral form to provide information about the person they would like to recommend. This way, they are likely to find a candidate with the right qualifications and skill level.

It saves effort and money

Some organizations consider conducting interviews a real pain in the neck. For them, it is easy to interview only those people who have a reference and then shortlist the most appropriate person. This way, they can save a lot of time which they can spend on training that person and making him aware of the norms and policies of the company.

What information does a recommendation form collect?

To create a form that can help your employees in giving a recommendation, you should be aware of the empty fields and information needed by the employee. Usually, this form needs the following details:

Information of the employee:

The person who is using this form to refer to someone is a referrer who is also an employee in the company. He should provide his information in the form so that the company can determine who is the referrer and what is the reputation of the referrer so that it can be decided whether the reference carries weight or not.

Information about the candidate being recommended:

The employee is expected to share a little bit of information about the candidate such as name, qualification, and phone number. These details help a company reach out to that candidate if it finds him a suitable person for the vacancy available.

Relationship with the recommendation:

The company often wants to know who is being recommended and how the employee knows about him. In some organizations, employees are not allowed to refer their blood relations for any job position. Therefore, mentioning the relationship is very important.

There are also some other details a form might collect from people. However, these details may vary from company to company. You can add or remove details depending on your needs to make this form meet your needs.

Employee referral form
Employee Referral Form

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