Engagement Letter for Legal Services

Re. Engagement Letter for Legal Services for [Mention the Client’s Name]

Dear [Client’s Name], this is an engagement letter to clarify and inform the scope of work and terms and conditions related to our legal services to be provided to you from [Mention the date]. Through this letter, I want to clarify the terms and conditions for what a copy of the letter shall be provided to both parties (service providers and client) for the record.

According to our earlier discussion, [Mention the firm’s name], which is a renowned legal firm providing legal services to different clients for more than X years, shall provide legal services to [mention the client’s business name], which is a renowned industrial business in the corporate world.

We are pleased and thankful to you for considering our services for the legal matters of your company. We have outlined the terms and conditions and the scope of the service below. Please have a look at them and let us know if you want to make any changes to the agreement.


Both parties agree to the service. According to the agreement, [mention the name of your law firm] will provide legal services to the [mention the name of the client’s business] according to the set policies and the points of agreement. The agreement has been signed by both parties and attached to this letter of engagement.

Scope of Service:

According to the agreement, the following services will be provided to the client.

  1. Legal Consultation: Our team will provide legal consultation to the client whenever required. The consultation can be provided online or in on-site meetings. Consultations are the core of our services and will be provided for each aspect of the business.
  2. Legal Drafting: Our team will provide the client with legal drafting for the documentation of the company. All the company’s legal drafting and documentation will be handled by our team. We will provide other legal documents for the court representation as well, whenever needed.
  3. Legal Negotiations and Court Representation: We will represent our clients and all of their legal affairs in the court of law whenever needed. According to the agreement, our lawyers will play the role of a mediator between the court of law and our client. All the legal negotiations, legal notices, and legal declarations shall be overseen by our team. 
  4. Client’s Cooperation: According to the signed agreement, the client will cooperate in all the matters that relate to the [mention the law firm’s name]. They will provide all the necessary information and required documents, make schedules for the occasional meetings and consultation sessions, and will coordinate in every possible way.

Term of the Agreement:

The agreement shall be effective from [mention the date of start of the agreement] and expire on [mention the date of end of the agreement]. Both the parties or any one of them reserves the right of termination at any point of the agreement with prior notice of one month.

Terms and Conditions:

The agreement’s terms and conditions should be observed strictly and no party is allowed or exempted or barred from any of the points of the agreement. Both parties shall remain compliant with the rules and regulations mentioned in the agreement. Both parties should observe the ethical code and stay respectful of each other.


Our services for the [name of the client] shall charge $[$] per week. The payment shall be made on a weekly basis and transferred to the account number given. In case, the client wants to pay on a monthly basis, it should be communicated/notified to the service provider and confirmed.

We look forward to this engagement of services as a success and are committed to providing high-quality services. We are thankful to our clients for the chance they provided us to prove ourselves. We are also thankful to you for trusting in our services and choosing us.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We would be happy to guide you if you need any advice or guidance. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

[Company/Firm’s Name]

Engagement Letter for Legal Services

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