Memo for Not Wearing Uniform

Re. Suggestive Memo for Uniform Exemption to Part-Time Working Students

Dear Manager, I am writing this letter on behalf of the head of the Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA) and the Counsel of the Regulatory Authority (CRA). I am glad to realize that our school observes strict rules and regulations to manifest discipline, good management, and a sense of responsibility in students.

Schools are responsible for equipping students with good education, knowledge, and skills and for training the students to teach good manners, ethics, and regimentation of ordained rules and laws to become good citizens.

In this letter, I intend to propose an exception from the norm. It is to facilitate our students who work before or after their school timings. We have generated a list of students who work part-time jobs to meet their expenses. Such students are our priority in making them feel facilitated and rule out some laws and regulations to relax them a bit.

I like such hard-working independent students who are working in shifts and making ends meet. To facilitate them, I have a proposal suggestion to exempt them from wearing uniforms. Those who have to go to their jobs or come to school from their jobs can wear colorful non-uniform dresses too.

This shall facilitate them and save their time a lot. It is because such students lack the time slots and have to rush to meet the deadlines. It will bring peace to them and make a space for them to manage their time effectively.

I hope this can be done without any complicated processes. All we need is to send a notice to the students with jobs. I need your approval to send the notice to the students. I hope you will like this idea and approve the memo letter.

If you find anything worthy of more discussion, we can meet during office hours and discuss this in detail. Please share your response with me at [email address]. I shall be glad at your positive response. It will increase students’ trust in the DSA and CPO-OP authorities. Thank you.

Good Regards

[name of the school]
[signature & official stamp]

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Re. Memo Letter for Not Wearing Uniform

Dear Manager,

I am [name], the head of the department of Quality Assurance and Inspection Center. It is to inform you that the office gave permission to Mr. [name] not to wear the uniform in the office and come in colorful dresses. It was permitted on account of her accident which caused some bandages on her arm and wrist. It causes fitting issues; therefore, she has been exempted from the uniform strictness.

However, it has been seen that the helping staff of the office does not come in uniform. Most of the come to the office in their casual dresses. The guard, mess in charge, mess distributor, office boys, and other grade-1 staff do not observe the uniform-wearing rule. This disrupts the office environment and looks unprofessional.

Your request to look into this matter and enforce the observance of the rules in the office by all the staff including lower and higher grades. Office spends a lot of money on the stitching and designing of uniforms, hence, it is totally unreasonable not to follow the said rules without valid reasons.

I hope you will take the required action and enforce company rules. Thank you.



Memo for not wearing uniform

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