Excuse Letter of Absence from School Due to Passport Renewal

Subject: Excuse Letter for Unauthorized Absence from School Due to Passport Renewal Scheduled at [Date]

Dear Dean, I am [Name of the student] from [mention your class and department]. I have been a regular student and am very responsible regarding my academic and non-academic activities in the school. I am writing to excuse my unauthorized absence from the school which happened due to a scheduled appointment at the Passport Office, [Mention the city or region name where the passport office is located].

I understand the school policies and I am well aware of the fact that the school authorities are very strict regarding the attendance and regularity of the students. It is for the best of the students as it makes them punctual and a very good time manager.

I remained absent from school because I had to visit the passport office for the renewal of my passport. As you know, a passport is one of the most essential documents for international travel. I am a foreigner here and I usually have to travel to my hometown to see my family on vacation. Unfortunately, the process of renewal of the passport took more than anticipated. It involved different steps like submitting the documents to the manager, filling out lengthy passport renewal proforma, and claiming a certificate.

It took me two days as I had to visit the office for consecutive days for different processing requirements. I have attached the receipt and copy of my passport renewal application with this letter as evidence of my visit to the passport office.

I will be thankful if you mention my absence as excused authorized leave from school to keep up my attendance record. Thank you.


[School Name]


Excuse Letter of Absence from School Due to Passport Renewal

(Sample #2)

Re. Absence from School Due to Passport Renewal

Dear [Teacher’s Name],

My attendance in the [Name of the subject]’s class is running low. It is because I recently shifted to another place in the city which is making my adjustment a problem. Your class is usually the very first lesson of the day and I have missed many lessons, lowering my attendance percentage below the required mark.

Recently, I had to visit the passport office to renew my passport which has expired for more than a week. Unfortunately, the passport renewal process took more than anticipated. I had to submit my documents on counter 1, then I had to get my verification done by the screening team, and in the end, I had an appointment with the manager who took my short interview to start the process.

I arrived at the school late and could not make it to your class. I have been a good performer and have always taken a keen interest in my studies. I also have a good record in non-academic activities. I assure you that I will be careful in the future and will attend all the classes with diligence and responsibility. Therefore, I request you mark my attendance as excused so that it does not impact my academic standing due to low attendance. I shall be very grateful for this act of kindness. Thank you. 




[school name]

Excuse Letter of Absence from School Due to Passport Renewal

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