Explanation Letter for the Wrong Payment


Re. An explanation for the Wrong Payment

Dear Sir, as cited above, this letter tends to explain the causes and circumstances that led to the wrong payment depositions and miscalculations. Firstly, I am thankful to you for providing me this opportunity to explain the causes and outset of the payments led by the wrong calculations.

As the actual cause of the misevaluations is from the very outset of the cost analysis done by the research team of the company. However, I believe that it is my responsibility to reexamine and reinterpret the cost evaluations made by the team. Therefore, before delving into the explanation, I seek your pardon for all the inconvenience caused.

Sir, on [DATE], we were given the assignment to prepare the cost efficacy and cost analysis sheets for the [COMPANY]. The given deadline was sourcing less than five working days due to the [NAME] holidays in the week. It was quite impossible to prepare a large cost analysis in such a short time frame.

Moreover, the task was to be carried out by the interns and research team workers as our project manager, [NAME], has been on one month’s leave. Moreover, the team formed for such an arduous task with big calculations therein.

All the senior auditors and accountants did not cooperate in this regard, as no one took time out to have a look at the data collections and outcomes. This led to further errors in the calculations that ultimately made wrong payments.

Taking full responsibility for the incident, I have sent an email to the client who has been paid the wrong payment, I also have shared the details with him to win the reliance. It is evident to say that the wrong payments shall be mended and corrected immediately. I require three working days to work on the sheet and effective calculations.

I shall be grateful if you accept my apologies in this matter. I assure you that such a mistake shall not be repeated. I am looking forward to your kind response and a push to the mending of the damages. Thank you. 

Best Regards.

Explanation letter for the wrong payment


Re. Explaining Wrong Payments on [DATE]

Dear [NAME],

I have drafted this letter to carve out the misunderstanding and overestimation sprouted by the typographical errors in the invoice. I am writing to explain the wrong payment and assure you of the honesty, competency, and credibility of our staff members.

Our company has been serving since 20xx and we have never been charged with defrauding our customers or even with a minor charge of misdemeanor and dishonesty. We always invest a lot in developing our customers’ trust through the reliability of our services and effective quality control management.

Our quality assurance management works hand in hand with quality control management so that chances of odd circumstances can be avoided in all cases. The problem that occurred in your case belongs to typographical mistakes and therefore, we are ready to provide any evidence for this.

Currently, I, on behalf of my company, sending you apologies for the inconvenience experienced by you. I would deposit the wrongly charged payment exceeding the actual amount in your bank account. Please confirm your bank account no. and coordinate with us to cater to this issue. For contact, call us at [HLEPLINE] or write at [EMAIL]. Thank you.


Explanation letter for the wrong payment

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