Refund Request Letter for Wrong Payment


Re. Request to Refund an Amount of $[X] due to the Wrong Payment Made on [DATE]

Dear [RECIPIENT’S NAME], I am [NAME] and in this letter, I request you to refund the amount overpaid to you. I refer my letter to the email sent to you informing the discrepancy in the payment of my dues. It is remorseful that we did not get any response from you. No one on your behalf contacted us for one week. I am writing this letter to endorse the refund of the remaining account.

On [DATE], you were laid off from the company permanently due to a reduction in the company’s annual profits and capacity to accommodate the already available workforce. Due to the increasing debt of the company, officials decided to lay off a few of the employees depending on their job nature and the company’s requisites. Unfortunately, you were one of them and we had to remove your designation.

It was told to us that the dues shall be deposited in the company’s account in less than three days. After waiting for a week, we received an amount of $[X] whereas the actual outstanding amount is $[X]. A total $[X] amount is remaining whereas only $[X] was added into the company’s account.

Having all this mentioned, I have enclosed the relevant documents including the attendance sheet highlighting your working days for the month of [MONTH]. I request you to refund the extra amount. I shall be grateful to you for this. You can contact us for details at [PHONE] or [EMAIL]. In case of non-compliance and not refunding the amount, we will be impelled to send you legal notice by the court of law.


Refund request letter for wrong payment


Re. Requesting a Refund of $[X] Overpaid Mistakenly

Dear [NAME],

This letter has been sent to you to request a refund of $[X] that was overpaid to you mistakenly. I ordered a household item from your online store. There were price differences on your same website. I ordered item no. X. When I received the item, the mentioned price was different. As I have paid more than the actual price, I request you to refund the overpaid amount. I request you to interrogate this matter at a personal level and invigilate the culprits who are befooling the customers.

On [DATE], I order [MENTION THE PRODUCT YOUR ORDERED] from your online store which redirected it to your official website. There were different prices mentioned on the website. When I further delved into it, I estimated that there must be a difference in quality.

Therefore, I ordered the one with a higher price i.e., $[X]. I deposited the amount in the account mentioned by the retailer who was dealing with my purchase. When I received the item, the actual price of the product was $[X] tagged on the product. It clearly means that I was defrauded by the retailer of your company.

Now, I request you to refund the extra amount paid. Otherwise, I will be compelled to direct to the consumer court of law. To avoid any unpleasant outcomes, I request you to refund the overpaid amount immediately. I have enclosed the screenshots of my purchase deal with your retailer, images of the product and its tag, and a copy of the invoice. Thank you.


Refund request letter for wrong payment

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