Loan Application for House Renovation


Re. Loan Application for Renovation of my House

Dear Sir, this letter serves as an application letter. I am writing this to request a loan of $[X] for the renovation of my house. My current financial status is unable to meet the cost estimate for the renovation of the house. The renovation is completely a matter of urgency as it is endangering the lives of the people living in it. I am sharing this house with my mother and father. I request to release an amount of $[X] as a loan in my name so that I can get the renovation done as soon as possible to avoid any possible casualty.

The house has been in the [LOCATION]. The house was built in 19XX by [NAME THE CONSTRUCTORS]. As the house is too old and it requires immediate repair and renovation, I have to get the renovation done as soon as possible. The paint of the house is almost gone, and it has a leaking roof. Moreover, the water pipeline has leakage from various points and the constructors suspect that the water leakage can meet the electricity line of the house and it can bring huge disaster.

I have asked the constructor for the immediate solution which is nothing but to renovate the house by removing various blockages and leakages. To remove all the problems, it requires demolition of my living room and rebuilding it. The estimated cost of the complete renovation is $[X]. 

Therefore, I request you to approve my loan application and direct it to the relevant department. I assure you that the loan shall be repaid in one year’s installment plan. I have enclosed my salary slip, my employer’s statement, my financial report by the [BANK NAME], and my credit score. For any other thing, feel free to ask me at [PHONE] or [EMAIL]. I shall be greatly grateful for this. Thank you.

Best Regards

Loan application for house renovation


Re. House Renovation Loan Application

Dear [NAME],

I am [NAME], the [POSITION] from the [DEPARTMENT]. I have been living in the [AREA] in an apartment which I had rented to stay near my workplace as my own house is much far away from the house. With the recent facilitation of transport, which has made it easy for me to commute for work, I plan to shift to my own house that is in the [AREA NAME]. The house was built in [X] but the material used by the construction did not prove itself to be durable. Every pillar of the house is appalling as its situation is deteriorating with every passing day.  

That house is the only property I possess. I have been tired of paying a large amount to my landlord as my house rent. I have been paying a heavy amount as house rent even after having my own house. The only problem with the house is its renovation. The house has some extreme damages that can cause any serious trouble for the people living in it or the neighborhood. The house needs an immediate renovation that costs $[X].

My salary is not enough to meet the estimated amount of renovation. Moreover, I do not have enough money to spend on the renovation of the house while meeting my daily expenses. Therefore, to make the immediate repairs and renovation, I need the mentioned amount as a loan which will be repaid within twelve months of installments. Please, accept my request and give your kind approval for the loan.

I have enclosed the details and cost estimation by the construction company who would work on the repair and renovation of my house. I also have attached other important documents like my current salary statements, salary slip, report letter by the [BANK], and an affidavit swearing the repayment in the given frame of time.

I am looking forward to your kind response so that I can make the arrangements for the follow-up.

In case of any queries, please call me at [PHONE] or write to me at [EMAIL]. I thank you for reviewing my application. Thanks in anticipation.


Loan application for house renovation

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