Follow-Up Letter after Resignation

Re. Following-Up Resignation Letter w.r.t. Letter No. [NUMBER]

Dear [NAME], as mentioned in my resignation letter that I submitted on [DATE], I am writing this letter for the follow-up of approval of my resignation. As it is clear from my resignation letter, I am not leaving the job due to any professional or embarrassing causes. I am leaving because I want to pursue my career in the corporate sector and leave teaching.

Teaching is a very noble profession, and I enjoyed a lot working in your school. Teaching is one of the most valuable professions as it adds to your knowledge and learning becomes bilateral. I clarify the misconception that I undermined teaching as a profession. I have huge respect for this profession in my heart. Occupational studies are one of the most amazing jobs one can do but I always dreamt of having a job in digital marketing in the corporate sector.

The only reason behind resigning from the school was to work in the corporate sector. I am writing this letter to thank you, whole staff members, coordinators, subject heads, dean of science and arts, administration department, and finance management for always coordinating and cooperating. I learned a lot while working here.

I am looking forward to drinking a cup of coffee with my department members. I hope you can arrange a small meeting of our team members who were working on communication skills and management matters. This will be a kind of farewell tea meeting. We will have a fun time in the end. Note the date, [DATE]. Thanks a lot!




Re. The follow-up to the resignation

Dear Sir,

I am Luke Nelson from the Diego. Sir, I resigned from work due to certain reasons. As I have mentioned in the resignation letter, the sole reason for leaving the job is to switch my career and continue my studies in management sciences in general and financial and budget management in particular.

[DATE], [DAY] is going to be my final day in the office. I was told that I can stay off from work and no need to come to the office on [DATE] but I want to bid farewell to everyone and get best wishes. Sir, I want to thank you for your constant support and appreciation.

I spent my best days in this organization and enjoyed it a lot. This job gave me the best work-life balance and provided me space to do a lot of self-care and enhanced the circle of my skillset. Moreover, I met some of the best people here who were extremely professional in their work, experts in their fields, and cordial colleagues. I am sure I am going to miss them a lot.

Please direct the relevant authorities to pay my last cheque my salary of [MONTH] has been withheld by the Assistant Finance Manager owing to my resignation.

I shall be grateful to you if you approve my application enclosed for the immediate release of my salary.

Contact: [PHONE]

Email: [EMAIL]



Enclosures: Copy of the contract, appointment letter, and salary details.

Follow-Up Letter After Resignation

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