Apology Letter After Being Fired

Re. Apology Letter w.r.t Termination

Dear Mr. [NAME], I am writing to sincerely apologize for all the reasons that led to my termination from the job. I had been working as a [MENTION THE POSITION] in the department of [NAME THE DEPARTMENT] in your organization since 20xx. I always played my best role to make each project and assignment a tremendous success.

I remained sincere and honest with my work, never making excuses, and always punctual and daring to pick up the tasks. My profile and the company’s journal of performance appraisal shall indicate my conduct in the office and competency at work.

Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, I had to remain absent from the office for one whole week. In the meanwhile, my mobile phone broke out and I could not send an email to the concerned authorities to inform my untold leave. I was living in a far-flung county area where there was no internet facility. Due to this, I could not even send an email to inform you about my absence.

One incident led to another. The deadline of the project that I signed on [DATE] also approached during my absence. I did not realize the deadline date and thus the project was discarded by the clients. It gave much loss to the company in financial terms. It also put the company in a lurch due to a bad image in the corporate sector group, demonstrated because of my negligent actions.

Sir, I always have been very diligent in my tasks and the management of projects. Due to the unavoidable situation, my actions led the company to a big loss. Please accept my deepest apologies for all the inconvenience and loss that occurred due to me. I offer you my services to train the new employee in my replacement for free for one week to compensate. I request you to accept my offer so that I can lose some weight from my heavy heart. I shall be grateful.



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Re. Apology letter after being fired from work

Dear Sir,

Please accept my sincere apology for the actions that caused my immediate unconditional termination from work. I am seeking an apology from you for my negligent and carefree attitude. I was provided with a letter of a construction project to keep confidential, but I handed it over to your rival company in exchange for some cash. I confess my heinous act and ask for your kind forgiveness.

As I have already been terminated from my job, no personal interest can be assumed in my sincere apology. I am not satisfied with what I did to you, therefore, I am writing to an apology to you.

However, there can be no ample excuse for committing such a crime, I still want to tell you that I did it because I needed some money. I already had taken a loan from the office and bank. To cater to my financial crunch, I could not behave and defy the offer by an official of your rival company.

I am looking forward to your kind response. Please let me know if I can do anything to ease tensions between us. Thank you.




Apology letter after being fired

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