Holiday Announcement Letters due to Various Reasons

Re. Holiday Announcement Letter due to Smog

Dear all, this letter is to notify you that we are announcing three days’ holiday from work due to excessive smog in the city. Due to the pollution due to smog, it has been seen that the number of viral infections is increasing every day. Viewing this hazardous situation, our board has decided to close the office for three days. Thus, the office shall remain closed from [DATE] to [DATE]. The office shall reopen on [DATE]. In case of any changes in the schedule, you will be informed through email.

You are required to stay available on your mobile phones and emails. You can be asked to work from home in case of urgent work. Please do not utilize this time for outdoor recreation and take care of yourself and your family. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of the city is disastrously below the red line. You can use this period to spend time with your family and kids.

We wish you good health and a good time off from the office. In case of any queries, do not hesitate to reach me at [EMAIL] or SMS me at [PHONE].


Cc. All the employees



Re. Holiday Announcement due to Christmas

Dear all,

I am happy to announce the biggest announcement of the year. We all keep waiting for this time of year. I am writing to inform you that the board has decided to allow ten days’ holiday from work. Yes, it is true!

The office shall remain closed from [DATE] to [DATE] owing to the Christmas holidays. We shall arrange an official dinner on the eve of Christmas in which all the office staff, executive members, contractual employees, and board executives shall participate. To keep it limited, we are not inviting employees’ families like the previous year. The date and venue of the dinner shall be informed later through SMS and in the WhatsApp official group.

We are also decorating a Christmas tree in the office. We shall have a tea break from [TIME] to [TIME] tomorrow [DATE] together.  

There shall be no office work from [DATE] to [DATE], however, we encourage you to stay available in case of urgent tasks in the second half of the holidays. In case of any queries, write to me at [EMAIL]. Thank you.

Happy Christmas in advance!



Re. Holidays from Work due to General Elections

Dear Employees,

I am [NAME] from the [COMPANY]. I am taking this moment to announce three days’ holiday from work due to general elections in the country. Due to the general election of 2023, the government of the United States has announced a public holiday from all over the country on [DATE] and [DATE].

Following the public notice by the government, we are giving a two days’ general leave from work which is followed by a Friday. Therefore, we have decided to be on off Friday as well. Hence, the office shall reopen on [DATE], MONDAY.

No work from home is being given in the scheduled holidays. All the pending work shall be resumed from Monday. Meetings scheduled during these dates shall be rescheduled by the concerned focal persons. In case of non-adjustment, you are required to consult with your head of the department.

Do cast your vote and contribute to the well-being of the country. We have forwarded the lists of the employees to the federal government for vote-casting to make it convenient for you.

In case of any questions, please ask away at [EMAIL].



Re. Holiday Announcement due to Weather Conditions

Dear Employees,

The letter is to announce an uncertain number of holidays from work. The state government of California and Texas has called for a disaster emergency after the urgent situation indicated by the Disaster Management of America (DMA) and Disaster Control Unit of California (DCUC).

The disaster units have called for a weather emergency after expecting huge, exacerbating swirls of typhoons in the mentioned states. Due to the typhoon, powerful winds are expected tomorrow that can run at a speed of 200mi/hr. Moreover, the high air pressure in the wind can cause inappropriate health conditions for some people.

To minimize the possible disaster, the government has announced evacuation from ashore places. The places away from the shore shall comply with general safety rules. You are required to stay at your homes and not leave until further orders.

Due to this situation of emergency, we have announced an uncertain number of leaves from work. Due to the possible hassle in the internet service, we are declining the work from home as well. Notification of the reopening of the office shall be communicated through emails or SMS. We hope for the best.

Stay Safe!


Cc. to all the executives and non-executives


Re. Office Closure due to COVID-19

Dear all,

It is to inform you that three of our employees have been found contaminated with the coronavirus. On [DATE], the medical board of our company confirmed that three of our employees are on leave due to covid-19.

On [DATE], Mr. [NAME] sent an email asking for leave for two weeks as he was found covid-19 positive. After three days, we found out that Mr. [NAME] also got the virus and he fell seriously sick. Ms. [NAME] has been complaining about a bad throat and fever. We suspect that she is also having coronavirus.

To avoid the spread and contamination of the covid-19, administrators of the company have decided to announce two weeks’ holiday from the office. During these days, all the employees shall work from home and report their projects and assignments via zoom and skype. Moreover, all the employees shall be subjected to medical examination and testing for free by the management of the company to check if any of us is having the virus. You will be sent the report to your email address.

The office shall remain closed from [DATE] to [DATE], however, everyone must report at 9 AM from home via zoom and skype. Thank you.

For any queries, call or SMS [PHONE].

Best Regards.

Holiday Announcement letter due to Christmas

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