Follow-up Letter on Request to Raise

Dear [NAME], this letter has been penned to respond to your request for a raise in the basic salary. I am writing on the behalf of Finance Manager who has taken your request into account for review. Your request for the raise is under discussion with other members of Human Resources, the Supervisor of the Department of [NAME THE DEPARTMENT], and the Directorate of Employee Affairs.

It has been expected that they will look into the time gap between your last raise and the current period. They will also look into the performance appraisal of at least two months. Moreover, they will look at the opinion of the finance manager if we are able to make a raise to your basic salary.

As you demand to make a raise of 10% in the salary, which is also under discussion I would like to inform you that the company’s rules and regulations for salary raise, promotion, and demotion state that the raise in salary on the demand of the employee will not be more than 8%. Annual raise shall not be liable to the person who would already have availed the personal raise. This condition only applies to the year in which personal raise will have been availed.

You are requested to look into all these details carefully and let us know by sending a confirmation email. Thank you for telling us about your feelings in the workplace. We value your kind thoughts and appreciate the progress you are making. Thanks.



Re. Response and Follow-up to the Request for Raise in Monthly Gross Salary by 15%

Dear [NAME],

On [DATE], I received an email from you in which you requested a raise in your monthly salary by 15%. I have gone through your letter attached to the email carefully and considered all the points you have mentioned. I understand that all the mentioned points reflect a justification of the demand. Moreover, your main point of justification states that your last raise was made two years before at the time of Christmas seems to be more valid.

The company went through a period of turmoil due to major financial strain after COVID. Moreover, the internal restructuring of the company also halted the way to consider raise in the salaries. I regret that we could not decide earlier regarding this. However, your request for raise is justifiable and hence, I have decided to raise your salary by 15%.

Your new monthly income shall be [$XY]. The tax deduction from the income shall be made accordingly. The fifteen percent raise in your salary has been done to the gross/basic salary of your total income. This raise in the salary shall be effective from the month of [MONTH]. Therefore, I recommend you should file for a tax application and send an email to HR to make important changes to your payroll. Thank you and congratulations.


Follow-up Letter on Request to Raise

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