Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate

Dear Sir, I hope you will be fine and enjoying the best of health. My name is Hasnain, and I have been studying in your school from grade 1 to 10. I am pleased to inform you that I have recently shifted to the USA along with my family. I am writing you this request letter to provide me with a certified copy of my birth certificate.

The USA is the country where you have to prove your age, nationality, visa status, and most importantly, your identity. All search formalities are full field by means of birth certificate which carries great importance in this regard.

To get my driving license in the USA, I needed the birth certificate badly. I looked everywhere in search of this document but unfortunately, I could not find it. Fortunately, it came to my mind earlier in the morning that I had submitted the proof of my birth certificate to the school office at the time of admission.

Although I know that I graduated from school more than 10 years ago, our school was fortunate enough to have a clerk who maintained all the records efficiently. I hope that my birth certificate can also be found in my admission file.

Now the situation is that I have been given a short time of 15 days to fulfill all the above-mentioned legal formalities. I, therefore, request you provide me with a certified copy of my birth certificate within the said period. Please ask your clerk to find it before the deadline so that my uncle would come to your office and collect it.

Please inform me whenever my birth certificate is found. I shall personally visit your office whenever I return back. Your corporation will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely.


Subject: Request for a copy of the birth certificate

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be fine. I humbly request you provide me with a certified copy of my birth certificate. My name is Johnson, son of Anderson. I was born on [date] at [place]. My residence in Canada was [place name]. Relevant documents along with proof of residence are attached herewith.

I have recently shifted to Australia with my family in search of a better future. I was fortunate enough to get a job in a renowned taxi company, but they asked me to get my driving license first. Prior to getting the driving license, it is the prerequisite to provide the birth certificate. Unfortunately, it looks like I have lost my birth certificate because I search for it everywhere but couldn’t find it.

Now, this is the situation authorities have directed me to submit my birth certificate within 15 days. Now I have no birth certificate with me there so I cannot apply for a driving license. If I am failed to provide them with this document within the stipulated period, this unique job opportunity will be lost. It is my humble request to send me the birth certificate at the earliest. I will appreciate it if you could post it well before the deadline.

I have also attached my school leaving certificate along with other relevant documents to prove my identity. Your kind cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Your positive response is being awaited anxiously.

Yours sincerely.

Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate

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