Request Letter for Proposal for Legal Services

Re. Request for Proposal (RFP) for Legal Assitance in the Policy Analysis and Policy Desing

Dear [NAME], I am [NAME], writing to you a request for proposal (RFP). I am working in the [NAME THE COMPANY] as a [DESIGNATION]. We are looking for a professional full-time service for legal assistance in our project of policy analysis and policy design.

We want a professional team of lawyers or attorneys to look into the legal implications of the project and inculcate all the legal sections related to company law’s policy management in the project. The project is collaborated with [NAME THE COLLABORATOR], thus, we need joint legal assistance on this project.

Talking about the details of the project, our project shall commence on [DATE]. It will be commenced and operated from our head office located at [LOCATION]. We need the physical presence of the team at our mentioned office.

Other officials from different branches would be able to join online through Zoom or any other medium in case of meetings. The project requires a full-time legal consultant and a team of lawyers/attorneys to keep a look at the progress, policy analysis, and approvals from the court of law.

We shall provide virtual assistance to a team of lawyers/attorneys often working remotely. We are looking forward to your quick response. Please send us your full-length proposal in the given email. Call [PHONE] to discuss this further.

Thanks in anticipation!



Re. Request for Proposal for Legal Services

Dear Mr. [NAME],

I am taking this moment to request a proposal. Our company is going to initiate a construction and real estate department which will build buildings, plazas, and small-sized shopping centers in the local markets. These shopping centers and buildings shall be rented and sold out further.

We are seeking expert law firms. The project is in its ultimate beginning, therefore, we want your legal firm to draft a full-length proposal for our company to assist us in the legal matter related to the real estate department and construction.

We have a firm belief in the professionalism and sheer honesty of your services. Your legal team has always poised great professionalism, good communication, and practical steps to cater to the legal implications whenever required.

We are looking for three expert lawyers who can work as a team on the mentioned project. The project is six months long and therefore, we shall require remote assistance virtually. Non-virtual meetings can be arranged whenever required.

We request you submit your full-length proposal before [DATE]. After [DATE], we will be obliged to look for other proposals. After the approval of the proposal, the contract shall be drafted with careful consideration of the mutual interests of both parties (companies).

Moreover, we expect a proposal that recounts the monthly payments for the services and not under installments. I shall be very grateful to you if everything gets on time. Please write to us for any queries at [EMAIL]. Thank you.


Request Letter for Proposal for Legal Services

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