Funeral Notice Template

Mostly funeral notice is used when people want to inform a huge number of people about the deceased person. When any of the friends to whom deceased have not met for many years see the funeral notice then he can come to know about the death of his friend. Funeral notices are often published in the newspaper.

It is evident that all human beings have to taste death. Death keeps no calendar and nobody knows when it knocks on their door. Most of the times, it happens that we remain unaware of the death of our beloved friends or family members for longer. Funeral notice is a way of informing all the funeral details of the deceased.

Guide To Write Funeral Notice:

There are some mandatory parts of this notice which should not be skipped. These include;

  • Complete name of the deceased
  • His/her nickname
  • Date of passed away
  • Nature of death (suddenly/passed away peacefully)
  • Location of death
  • Age of deceased
  • His/her relatives name along with relations
  • Funeral date
  • Funeral location

A funeral notice must be brief and transparent. It should contain all the information which is necessary to be provided.

Funeral Notice Via Email:

Besides publishing the funeral notice in the newspaper, there is another approach too which people can adopt. Send the funeral notice to the friends and family members who are away using email.

Let them know about the funeral arrangements, date, time and venue of funeral. Hence, they can reach over there as early as possible to show their presence. It is a convenient, quick, straightforward and useful method. It is a way of updating the people about funeral details. Also, mention the name of the graveyard so that if someone gets late due to some reason then he or she may reach over there directly.


Funeral notice template


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