Employee Behavior Complaint Form

Surely, no one likes to complain about other people, but sometimes it becomes necessary to report a complaint. When an employee commits a mistake or behaves mischievous then it is required to fill the complain form about employee’s behavior.

Employee Behavior Complaint Form:

It is supposed that the employees hired in a company would contribute their best efforts for the progress of the company. Undoubtedly, employees do so, but there exist a few who do not respect their seniors or behave rudely to staff. In addition to this, there may be incidents in which employee threat other staff member or make the working environment problematic for others.

Such employees should be taken into account. Filling the employee behavior complain form and sending it to the HR department is the most efficient and professional way of dealing with this issue. The disputes can be solved when such employee is sent to the higher authorities They would ask explanation from him and give him a warning.

HR department may terminate the employee if he continues to repeat his mischievous behavior.

The benefit of the Complaint Form:

It is a beneficial form that highlights the issues that are taking place in the working environment. It even unveils the criminal conducts that are taking place in the office. Employees get an amazing opportunity to share their concerns with higher authorities regarding the staff member who is the cause of discontent and stress at the workplace.

Elements of the Complaint Form:

The mandatory portion of this complaint form includes the employee details such as his name, employee ID, designation, the department in which he is working and contact details. Moreover, it also involves the information regarding the issue.

Mention the behavior of employee which is unpleasant according to you so that the HR department investigate it and make some vital decisions accordingly. Mention the nature of incident and description of the incident. Also, mention the name and details of the witness of that particular incident about whom the complaint is being sent. You may add any additional comments and give suggestions to solve this issue.

Form Preview

Employee behavior complaint form


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