Holiday Shutdown Notice to Employees


Dear Employees, The Optimum Marketing will remain close from [DATE] to [DATE] because of the Holiday Season. We wish you all a very blessed and Happy Holidays. Have fun with your friends and families.


Dear All, every time New Year begins with brand new hopes and better prospects to benefit from and this is what we are also celebrating. To take a moment to ponder upon the previous year and make fresh resolutions, Skyrocket Solutions will remain closed from [DATE] to [DATE].


To celebrate the company’s anniversary, we have decided to give our employees a present of a paid holiday. The company will be closed on [DATE]. Have a fun holiday! God bless you all!


As we are approaching our Golden Jubilee day, we wish to extend our gratitude to all our employees who have worked hard to make the company at this point. Please accept a small token of appreciation from the company for your dedication. You are given a full day holiday on Friday [DATE]. Please return to work on Monday with the same energy as you always do.


An unexpected holiday is the best way to give some relief and comfort to the employees. Therefore, ABC Marketing is shutting down the system for one day on [DATE] and the company will remain open with all the previous operations at [TEXT]. All the employees are instructed to resume work fully on this day. Thank you!


XYZ reckons the hard work and dedication its employees invest in for the progress of the company. To appreciate your diligence and boost up your morals, we are commemorating a two-day relief package to all our employees on [DATE] till [DATE]. Combined with the weekend, you will have four days to have rest and fun with your families. We expect to continue the work from Monday.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the efforts our workers are doing to grow the business. The Super Water Formula is more like a family to each other. Hence, we would like to celebrate this family’s accomplishment through a full day holiday on [DATE]. Please stay home, have fun with your families, and return to the office on [DATE] with the same powerhouse energy you always do. Thank you for your efforts.


We understand the overload our employees had been going through in the previous months because of our clients’ demands. The company is closely watching everyone working hard with diligence. To save everyone from the burnouts, we are announcing a full week holiday to our esteemed employees. Spend the week on vacation with your friends and families and relieve all the work stress you had. The company has got your back!


Owing to the urgent building renovation, the company is shutting down for three days from [DATE] to [DATE]. We are giving you a paid holiday of three days. Have fun and return on the first working day!


Please receive this small gesture of appreciation from our end for your tireless services. You are given a fully paid holiday of one day on [DATE].

Holiday Shutdown Notice to Employees

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