Out of Office Messages for Holidays


Dear all, due to a family emergency, I have to be out of the office for three days from [DATE] to [DATE]. I am making Mr. Mark Green from the HR department as my assistant for this short period. Should you have any queries or need any assistance, please feel free to approach him during work hours. All executive orders and decisions will be made by me when I return to work. I truly appreciate your cooperation in this regard. Thank you!


Dear employees, I am leaving the office for one week on account of an official visit to Malaysia. I will not be entertaining any text messages or calls on my tour. However, if there’s an emergency you need to contact me for, please feel free to send me an email and I shall respond back as early as possible. Thank you for your patience!


I am currently out of the office for a few days to celebrate my engagement party with my friends and family on a remote island. Should you have any queries, please contact me on my email ID instead of any calls or text messages. I really appreciate you understanding this. I’ll be back within 5-working days. Till then, have a good time!


I would like to inform all of you that I will not be in my office for the next 3-days owing to my wife’s surgery. I will be staying home to take care of my family. In the meantime, I expect things to work on the same smooth track as I leave. All the company’s operations will continue as before. If you feel the need to approach me, you can always write an email to me. Thank you!


I am writing this message with a heavy heart that I will not be entertaining any official matter for the next 14-days because of my personal commitments. The company shall continue its performance as before. I am making Mr. George Nike as a temporary head of the affairs for this short period. Should you need anything official,

Please contact him as he will be making the decisions on my place till I’m back. Thank you all!


Please accept this message as my formal announcement that I am going out of the country for a couple of weeks. I will not be able to cater to any of your queries until [DATE] when I am back. For immediate assistance, you can always contact me through my official email. I will try my best to respond to my capacity. Thank you for your cooperation!


I am out of my office right now. If anything of urgent nature pops up, please call me on my personal number, thank you!


Dear team, I am leaving the town for a couple of weeks to enjoy my annual paid vacations which I have been accumulating for my engagement party. If anything, immediate comes up, please contact me at my email.


My work family, I am currently occupied with my other family for 5-days. If you need to discuss anything urgent, you can always call me.

Out of Office Messages for Holidays

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