Welcome Back Messages to Boss


Respected boss, please accept this message as a formal note of welcome back from me. I am glad we are reuniting after one whole week of your absence. I have missed you and your mentorship. Hopefully, we will have our meetings and workshops resumed soon!


It seemed like forever when you were gone. We missed your wise company, your humor to light up the intensity of work, and your kind reaction to our blunders. Welcome back to work boss!


Dear boss, welcome back to your office once again after a long vacation. The company had missed a great captain. Without you, we felt the need for a dedicated team player who could boost up our morale. Since you are back now, things will be great again.


We are super excited to have you back with us. Welcome back to your office boss! It’s time to resume learning new experiences and continue with the training. I am so happy for you.


I am glad we will again have the opportunity to understand your vision and explore new ways to implement it. I have missed your mentorship and hope you will continue it now as you are back. Welcome back, sir!


Every employee needs a dedicated and compassionate supervisor to teach him and grow him every day. With you gone, I lost my chance of growth, but I am glad you are finally back. Let’s have a blast again sir!


Thank you for rejoining the office ma’am. I cannot wait to recommence all the professional activities we used to have under your great supervision. I look forward to working on the unfinished projects and proposals with you. Welcome back!


It is always good to see you in action. Welcome back to your office. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my feelings that I had during your absence. I had missed working with you greatly and expect to grow our work relationship soon.


I am delighted to see you back in your office once again after one whole week’s vacation. I hope with you back to encourage the team, we will soon have a tidy and smooth ride back. It had been rough without you here, boss. Thank you for coming back to your family!


It’s pleasing for me and all of my colleagues to see you back on your chair. The office had missed you plenty. We are all ready and eager to start learning from you all over again. With you by our side, we are more confident and energetic to perform. Welcome back, sir!


Just like a pack of lions survive only with a great leader, the company grows only when you are around to lift our work morals and give us some values. We hope we can have the same energy and zeal back in our pack once again since you are back in your office.

Welcome Back Messages to Boss

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