Hotel Introduction Letter to Travel Agent


Re. Introduction to the Hotel Business

Dear [NAME], we have just started our hotel business in the area and would like to introduce it to you. As we have already sent you our brochures and an email of introduction at your email address, I would like to expand my introduction and inform you a little more about the hotel we have just opened.

As your business deals with providing travel consultancy to the visitors and belong to the Tourism Wing of [ABC], I believe that we can help in developing each other’s business and growing organically with constant cooperation and understanding of references.

I have attached detailed terms of references (TORs) of the company, please read them at your earliest convenience for a detailed overview of the functions and operations of the business. The TORs include all the technical information you might need in understanding our business profile. Moreover, our client representatives are at your disposal for any further information.

We invite you to visit the hotel at your earliest and meet our team in person. I expect it can be a chance to grow and develop together. Our team has been working hard on making this project a success. Initiating a five-star hotel with all the facilities to produce quality and credible customer service. Keeping client and customer satisfaction our prior objective, we are striving for excellence and bringing innovation to the tourism industry.

Please respond to us with your kind remarks after going through the TORs and let us know your earliest availability to arrange a visit of your team to the hotel. Thank you.



Hotel Introduction Letter to Travel Agent


Re. Hotel Introduction

Dear [NAME],

I would like to introduce our hotel business to you as per your email inquiring a few details on the business. Recently, tourism caught serious concerns, and a decline in the business has been seen because of the sheer economic shortfall in the tourism industry that caused several small and big businesses to shut down.

I am thankful to my team who took initiative and established the hotel business by promoting it from a three-star business to a five-star business. We have been working in this field since 20XX and there have always been such situations that taught us to handle the shortfalls and state of lockdown.

We have installed all the safety protocols including high security, automatic sanitization, rapid cleaning system, and CCTV control. We also provide high-profiled rooms in all the levels without having any discriminatory levels. All the rooms have automatic heating and cooling system. Our hotel staff is competent and skillful as they are adroit and equally professional in their specific task accomplishment and management.

We have staff from multiple backgrounds which makes communication easier for our customers and helps them keep at home. We also have proficient cooks who make delicious and amazing meals with a large variety of dishes that welcome tours from different backgrounds.

We invite you to visit our hotel along with your executive members. We also expect to work with you to grow an organic business with your travel agency which will provide us a chance to get diverse experiences and expand our horizon of work. We shall provide special offers for the customers coming from your travel agency on your kind recommendation.

I thank you for reading this introduction letter. In case of any queries, do not hesitate to email us at [EMAIL] or call our Client Coordinating Officer (CCO) at [PHONE]. We will be glad to have you on a visit to [HOTEL NAME]. Thank you.

Best Regards


Hotel Introduction Letter to Travel Agent

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