Job Recommendation Letter for a Teenager

Sample 1

As the vacancy for the IT technician is now open, I believe that Miss Jones would be the best-suited person for the job. Over the years she has grown immensely in her knowledge in IT. On several occasions, she has successfully demonstrated herself as being a responsible individual who is an expert in her field. From school to college she has been part of major IT events which has made her successfully develop software for a well-known company at a very young age. She is capable enough to handle any IT problem and produce results within no time.

With respect to her capabilities, I believe that you will surely consider Miss Jones for the post.

Sample 2

With respect to the latest job opening of the company: HR manager, I suggest that Mr. James being hired as the new HR manager. James has been gifted with managerial skills which he has continuously demonstrated as he grew. From being a student at the school to a college mate, he has managed to work with people using the maximum of their potential which is an integral part of HR. Diligently working on the paperwork; he is able to devise a plan which is best suited to the environment.

I am hopeful that you will consider my suggestion.

Job Recommendation Letter for a Teenager

Sample 3

With respect to the new job of accounts manager, I suggest Mr. David be hired for the job. David has had been a true mathematician. As a young individual, he knows how to play well with money. A keen learner of newly introduced concepts, David has recently devised an excellent key guideline of account for a leading company.

He has also worked with banks which have added lot more to his knowledge; Eager to learn and grow, David has it all. A highly motivated individual and an excellent team worker, He is all that any company could ask for.

I suggest you hire Mr. David for the above-mentioned post. Hope to receive a positive reply.

Job Recommendation Letter for a Teenager

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