Cover Letters to Introduce a Resume

Sample 1

In response to our telephonic conversation, I am submitting my resume as required by you. I have been Manager Accounts at ABC for the past many years and presiding the position have gained immense knowledge and experience in the field. Managing and controlling the cash flows is a skill learned through my work.

Throughout my working period, I have been successfully devising and planning the budget for the company. I have proved to be a competent and reliable person by giving my best for my job by using my abilities to their maximum. Looking forward to meeting you.

Cover Letter to Introduce a Resume

Sample 2

This resume is in response to your advertisement given in the newspaper for the position of sales manager. I have been in the field of sales for the past 10 years in TRE. It has certainly come up to me as an honor that as a sales manager I was able to increase sales by a round figure of 39% over the past 10 years. During my job, I was transferred to different sales zonal areas targeting different markets which have enabled me to identify diversified market needs in a much better way by understanding people’s mindsets.

I am very excited to meet you so that we can discuss things at a much wider space. I hope to hear soon from you.

Cover Letter to Introduce a Resume

Sample 3

I am very excited about the fact that you have requested for my resume for the position of a Software Engineer at your company. It is certainly a matter of honor for me for having selected amongst such wonderful people. I had previously worked at ABC in the position of software engineer gaining an experience of almost 10 years.

In the position of a software engineer, I was able to develop different software for a different group of people. I was also able to decode one for an individual who was new to a certain language. My knowledge has always increased by every step I took forward towards achieving the desired results. I am very hopeful to meet you for prospects. Looking forward to your reply.

Cover Letter to Introduce a Resume

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