Letter of Intent for Various Purposes

Letter of intent to rent a house

I would like to present this letter of intent to express my interest in renting your house. I agree to all your lease terms and conditions and would like to move in with my wife and kids for a lease duration of 2 years.

I will be paying the first month’s rent as a good faith deposit within two days. Kindly let me know soon when we can meet to sign the lease agreement.

Letter of intent to rent a shop

Letter of intent to rent a shopI am writing this letter of intent on behalf of ABC Garments. We are interested in renting a shop in your mall.

Currently, we have two functional outlets operating in different parts of the city. Due to high demand for our products, we wish to open another outlet in the said mall. We cater to all age groups as well as both the genders. Due to the well-established popularity of our brand, our shop will be bringing a considerable number of customers to the mall.

Kindly contact me at (phone number) for discussing further details. I hope to hear from you soon.


Letter of intent to occupy space

Letter of intent to occupy spaceYou might have an idea about our company making progress by leaps & bounds. We are working hard to make it a well-known brand. Due to the excessive demand for our products, we want to expand our business in every bit of the city. We have learned that there is some space vacant in your mall to be rented or purchased.

We want to purchase that land to fulfill our ends regarding the expansion of our business. We aim to open a smaller subdivision in contrast to the other branches of our company to target the concerned customers. For that purpose, our representative met your secretary the day before yesterday, but he was told that you were out of the station.

I am leaving my contact number, in the end, to facilitate you so that you can contact me anytime you want. Hopefully, you will not disappoint our great expectations associated with you. Thanking you in anticipation!

Letter of intent to lease restaurant space

Letter of intent to lease restaurant placeOn behalf of XYZ Restaurant, I formally present this letter of intent to you showing our interest in leasing your property. The space available at the address is most suitable for our restaurant in terms of size as well as location. It is the hub of commercial activity which attracts many customers. Therefore, this location is ideal for our business.

XYZ Restaurant is a well-established name. We have been serving for 5 years in ABC Mall. During this time, we have received an overwhelming response from clients who love our food. Considering this, we have decided to open a new outlet in a bigger space to accommodate many clients. Due to this reason, we are interested in your property which offers a large size and the perfect architecture for a restaurant.

Let us discuss the agreement details in person. Kindly give me a call at (number) so that we can decide a date for a meeting.

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