Halloween Holiday Messages to Copy & Send


This message is being written not to talk about any organizational affairs rather this intends to spread happiness on your face. This is a moment of sheer happiness for the employees when they hear about holidays because it makes them tension-free, relieved, and relaxed.

A hard-working person wishes for an extra off and relaxation all over the working period. Weekends pass like the blink of an eye due to business in our lives. So, Halloween day is the best event to fill the gap. This message is to let you notify all that on account of Halloween our organization shall remain closed for three days from 31st October to 2nd November 20XX and fortunately it is followed by Sunday.

Keep your petrifying and eerie costumes and specter masks ready because it is Halloween day. Keep yourself prepared with mysterious and bewildering looks for parties and bonfires. From 3rd November there would be a slight shift in your office timings and you moreover you will be given one and half hour break for lunch. Enjoy the holiday and for further queries, you can have a look at the company’s official website.


Hello all, I am Director General of XYZ Company and writing this message to let you know about the Halloween holidays and the organization will remain closed for the period of four days. As you all know that due to Covid-19 our work has been affected a lot, so these holidays have been announced by push buttoning with work burden and calendar. You all will be delighted to know that your holidays collide with Sunday and ameliorates the number to five.

Your holidays will start from 30th October to 2nd November following by Sunday and you all will be back to work on 4th November 20XX. The organization has decided to celebrate Halloween’s Day on its premises and no office work will be done that day. The party will start at 7:00 pm and will continue till 10:00 pm.

Moreover, a bonfire has also been arranged on the rooftop and I am sure it will double your happiness. I hope you all will attend the party with Halloween masks and mysterious and sinister ensembles to make the event real. Wish to see you all at the party. Have a great holiday.


This message intends to inform you about the upcoming Halloween holidays that will remain for five days. For employees, it is a time of absolute cheerfulness and satisfaction while thinking of holidays as it makes them relaxed, reassured, and cheerful. A coefficient and enthusiast employee always craves relaxation and extra off from the working hours.

This time I have decided to celebrate it in the backyard of ABC Hotel, and it would be the best time for you to get yourself dressed up for the Halloween party. I want the participation of all of you and try to come in the best camouflage, be it a ghost, elf, or witch. At 7:00 pm the catacomb will be opened for guests, and you will be provided everything that will add to the occasion. Kindly come a little earlier so you may enjoy the event.


Dear employees, I am going to announce very happy news for which you were waiting for a long. I am writing this message to bring to your notice that due to Halloween that is coming on Friday our company shall remain closed for five consecutive days. I can guess your level of happiness after listening to this news. Your holidays will start from 30th September and will continue till 3rd November. Keep your terror-stricken and aghast masks and costumes ready.

Enjoy the event at its best by arranging bonfires with bizarre, perplexing, and confound looks. When you will be back at the office then there would be a diminutive change in your working hours along with a one-hour lunch break. For more updates, you can visit the official website of the company.

Halloween holiday message

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