Letter of Resignation for Rude Behavior

I regret to say that the behavior of my boss is not going well with me. Therefore, I have decided to end up taking the hard decision of resigning from this job. This letter of mine must be considered as my resignation on 15 days notice which is a requirement of our employment agreement. I have made this decision due to the rude behavior of my boss who is polluting the peaceful working environment by means of his abusive language.

Honestly speaking, his presence is destructive for the company because he is extremely unprofessional at the workplace and does not know how to treat the employees in an ethical way.

I have been working in your company as marketing officer for last 5 years. From the first day of my employment, I am tolerating his rudeness. I cannot withstand this behavior anymore. His harshness has crossed the threshold level. An employee can tolerate everything but when it comes to self-respect, nothing can surpass it. I complained to you many times and tried to explain everything but unfortunately, you never put an ear to my request and showed no concern.

When it comes to punctuality, I have always been on time and never missed any deadline. Even then Mr. Lee, our current boss, is misbehaving with me and this is beyond my level of understanding. He also mentioned my name a couple of times in front of the whole staff saying that I am a useless person and the company does not need my services anymore. You will also admit that this kind of behavior is morally wrong.

I tried my best to keep working here but the above-mentioned circumstances have paved my way for resignation. It has become impossible for me to stay in this company therefore I request you accept my resignation with immediate effect. Alongside this, please direct the accounts department to clear my remaining dues.

My last working day at the office will be [date]. Once again, I am sorry for my immediate resignation.

Yours sincerely.

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Subject: Letter of resignation for [XYZ]

Dear Sir,

My name is Johnson, and I am working in your company as a sales officer for the last 2 years. With deep regret, I am sending my resignation through this letter due to the rude behavior of my boss in the office. I am sorry to leave you during the peak working season, but I have been compelled to do so due to the rude behavior of Mr. Watson, our floor supervisor.

I have been working in this company for the last 5 years. Throughout this period, I spent quality time here, polished my skills, and learned a lot of new things to enhance my expertise. I enjoyed the flexible working hours of the job, the great people I have been working with, and most importantly extended support of my supervisors.

Two months ago, the company hired a new manager to fill up a vacant position. Unfortunately, his behavior has been rude from the first day of his joining. He always uses an insulting tone while talking with employees. On [date], I got late from the office by 15 minutes. When I reached the office, he started shouting at me as if I had committed a crime. Although I know that it was my mistake, on the other hand, he should have talked in a civilized way.

Moreover, he uses abusive language with domestic staff. Truly speaking, he has disturbed and polluted the peaceful working environment of the company by means of his authoritative approach.

Dear sir, if I am punctual and sincere while performing my duties, complete all the assigned tasks well before the deadline, use my full potential for the welfare of my company, and make productive and useful things happen by means of my expertise, then there is no reason for me to tolerate rude behavior of my boss. It hurts when my boss shows his rudeness without assigning any reason.

In short, his unprofessional and unethical behavior has crossed the threshold level of my tolerance. I tried to ignore it many times but now, limits have been crossed. Now, I have taken the hard decision of my resignation effective from [date]. Till then I will complete all the remaining tasks.

I hope you will accept my resignation without any hurdles and issue the necessary directions to the accounts department to clear my dues. I am once again sorry for leaving the company.

Yours sincerely.

Letter of resignation for rude behavior

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