Request Letter not to Cut my Salary for this Month

I hope you will be fine. My name is Johnson, and I am writing you this request letter because the HR manager has just informed me that my 3 days’ salary will be deducted this month. He also told me that the penalty is being imposed on me due to my continuous and uninformed absence from the office. I know that company has made its policy according to which an employee can avail of a maximum of two holidays in a single month. I also know that salary for the additional holiday is deducted.

I have been working in this company for the last 5 years as a marketing officer. My performance has been satisfactory throughout this period, and I have not shown any negligence while performing my duties. Most importantly, I have never violated any rule of the company and any punishment or inquiry is due against me.

My track record should have been kept under consideration before imposing any penalty on me. I am saying it because I have never availed more than two holidays during any single month. Last month, I was absent from the office due to unavoidable circumstances.

My mother was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack. I had to stay with her because I am the only son of my parents and there is nobody except me to take good care of my parents. I stayed with my mother in the hospital for 5 days. This situation made me so much depressed and worried that I forgot to inform you or any senior.

Upon my arrival at the office, I became sad when the HR manager informed me about the penalty of three days’ salary deduction. If you deduct my salary, it will become very difficult for me to make both ends meet.

Considering all the facts, I hereby submit my formal request not to cut my salary for this month. Your cooperation will be a great virtue and I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness. I also make a promise that such negligence and unprofessionalism will never be repeated by me again in the future.

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Subject: Request of no deduction of salary for [XYZ]

Dear Sir,

I have just come to know through the accountant of our company that you are going to deduct my three days’ salary on account of the incomplete submission of assigned tasks for the month of October. I was supposed to submit 6 projects by the end of October but unfortunately, I was successful in completing only four. This is the main reason why said penalty is being imposed on me.

I have been working in this company as a sales officer for the last 5 years. My punctuality and success in meeting big targets is the only witness to my good track record. Last month, my brother became seriously injured in a road accident. I took him to the hospital where he was kept in the intensive care unit for 5 days.

I had to stay with him in the hospital as an attendant because my parents are too old to stay in the hospital and take good care of him. I know that my incapability has made me liable to be punished.

Professional life demands more sacrifices from an employee. I must have kept my personal life aside while performing my office duties. But, when it comes to blood relations, a man puts everything aside.

You must have viewed my personal file and excellent track record before awarding me any punishment. But you didn’t. When I returned to the office, I failed to fully concentrate on my work due to the diversion of my attention. Consequently, I was unable to complete all the projects within the deadline.

I request you not to deduct my salary because I have been facing a severe financial crisis since last month. I have spent all my savings on my brother’s treatment. If you deduct my salary, it would be impossible for me to continue his treatment and fulfill all the needs of my family.

Keeping in view all the above-mentioned facts, my unprofessionalism may please be neglected for this time only. It is promised that such kind of unprofessionalism will not be repeated by me again and I will complete all the assigned tasks on time.

I hope you will acknowledge my request and direct your accountant not to detect anything from my salary. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard. I want to say thank you in advance.

Request Letter not to Cut my Salary for this Month

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