Eid Excuse Letter for Work

Re. Eid Excuse Letter

Dear [name], I am writing this letter to inform you about the upcoming religious event for Muslims. The event is called Eid-ul-Fitr which is celebrated by every Muslim to celebrate the successful ending of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims fast for thirty days in Ramadan and celebrate the event of Eid to feast and dine with their relatives and friends.

The date of Eid is always subject to the sight of the moon. Therefore, the under-mentioned dates for the leave from work are subject to change in case of changes in the pattern of moon sightedness. Whereof, the expected date of Eid-ul-Fitr is [date]. Muslim workers from the office can take three days off from work, i.e. [date] to [date].

The rest of the employees shall keep on working in the office according to the prior timetable. All the employees are encouraged to get the extra mile to complete the assignments and meet the deadlines. It is due to the Muslim workers who shall remain off from office from mentioned dates.

Those who want to claim the leaves from work based on the religious event of Eid are required to submit their applications to Human Resources before [date] and hand over important assignments and projects to their teammates.

According to the letter of prayer call from [name] Islamic center organization of [city], Eid prayers shall be offered from [time] to [time] on [date].

Thank you.

Best wishes

[company name]


Re. Excuse Letter for Eid

Dear [name],

I am writing to ask for cooperation from all the employees of our company. Our company has four departments working in two interlinked sectors. We are having [xx] employees on board. We believe in diversity and cultural assimilation in the office. To maintain our established approach to the company, we endeavor to keep the environment of our company cordial and light-felt. Therefore, we always celebrate every event from each religion and culture.

On [date], we are having an Eid celebration in the office. The actual date for Eid is [date], therefore, Muslim employees can claim their leaves and can take off from work not more than three days from [date] to [date]. These leaves shall not be recounted as casual or any other kind of leaves, however, they will be celebrated and recorded as leaves on the role of cultural and religious celebratory with reference to the rules mentioned in the employee book 2019.

The letter of correspondence has been received by the council of the Islamic civilization center [name of the city]. They are inviting Muslims for the Eid prayers on [date] at [time]. We are also planning to arrange a dinner in the office on [date]. We will send you a confirmation message along venue and other details.

Please note that there is no leave for non-Muslim employees, however, Muslim employees shall avail not more than three leaves as per the above-mentioned schedule. Please contact Human Resources for further correspondence. Thank you.





Eid Excuse Letter for Work

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